Top 10 credible websites for health information

So many patients have had minor illnesses that transform to big ones just because they were not well informed on the cause of the sickness they were having. Technology have risen to the stage where we can stay in the comfort of our home and surf the net to know the cause and solution to our sicknesses without visiting the physician.

Students too need websites that contain health information so as to read and pass their exams at ease.

This post is aimed at presenting you with the top 10 accredited websites that you can log in and source for health information

Medical information for specialists, physicians, and industry professionals are also put in place for reference purposes.

Top 10 credible websites for health information

These websites have been listed based on their relevance in the medical field. They have been proven to be very useful to medical students seeking knowledge about clinical sciences.

Health Information

1 | WebMD

Medical Information

2 | MedicineNet

Drug Information

3 | Drugs

Healthcare INformation

4 | everydayHealth

5 | MedHelp

Disease Symptoms

6 | Healthline

7 | Understanding your Lab Tests

8 | InteliHealth

9 | Cleveland Clinic

10 | Healthline



The New Zealand Dermatological Society


The IBS Network


The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynacologists’ website for patients


NHS Behind the Headlines

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