how to check bvn with phone

How to check your BVN with your mobile phone

The BVN (Bank Verification Number) is Central Bank of Nigeria’s initiative to make sure that there is security, transparency, and ability to assess data easily in the correct way. This is practiced in the many developed countries all over the world. The innovation in the Nigerian banking system is a good one, showing that the

how to network like a pro

8 Tips to Network Like a Pro

Everyone networks but what really matters is the way you network. Many people believe that networking means always calling everybody and asking them for a job offer or favours and so relate networking with being disturbing and overbearing. As a result of these, so many people seem to avoid/hide away from networking because they do

keeping your job

Tips on How To Keep Your Job

Are you that person switching between jobs because your employers do not keep you for long? It is obvious you are finding fulfillment asides the fringe benefits that come as a bonafide employee. Your attitude to work and delivery might put you on what you are facing. With this article you will find out ways