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Life is not a pity party. Business, work life and job searching are survival of the fittest. Some have it easy, some don’t! The workplace is very competitive, you have to strive hard to get into the kind of job you want. This article contains what you need to do during the period you apply for a job/ or jobs.

For instance, you want a HSE supervisor position but you have no HSE training. If a fire broke out in a building and someone collapsed, what would you do? These will be two situations on your hands – a fire and a human life at risk. Some jobs require special technical skills and training. If you want them train for them, then apply for a job that is related to that fiield.

Feeling victimised doesn’t help when you apply for a job, building your skills one day at a time does. You may say ‘no jobs’ how do I get trained to apply? I say;

  1. Do internships: Doing internships at places that offer services is a great chance to get a job or use your skill to start up a business. When doing an internship, do not expect to be hired as it may not work out. Let your mindset be on the skill you are going to get but not the money they pay you. this will increase your chances of having a job without being frustrated.
  2. Volunteer for free to learn: Volunteer for free to learn the basic skills you may be needing when you are searching for a job. If there is a skill you have to offer while doing a voluntary service you can be noticed and recommended for a job you never knew.
  3. Take online courses to improve: Online courses are there to help you with skills you do not have, job hunting requires that you must possess skills that will make you hired by a prospective employer. Sites like Udemy sell so many courses, so I recommend you do research and purchase courses to promote your skills set.
  4. Do peer-to-peer learning: Learning from peers that have a particular skill is a very good way to increase your chances of getting hired for a job. If you have a friend that is much rooted in a field that you might need a skill from, do not hesitate to learn from them. Be friendly and also try your best to get people to teach you things you do not know.
  5. Get a mentor for direction: Get a mentor and follow his steps to financial freedom. Do not try to be a loner, talk to people that are more advanced than you. They can be of immense help in providing you with the knowledge you need to be financially buoyant all the days of your life
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Those on top had rough patches too, no one on top started on top. Do not be offended if you apply for a job and you don’t get hired yet, don’t sit around and do nothing. Rather build your skills, build your experience, you will get there.

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