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Have you ever imagine a house without a broom, mop, brush, and dust pan? That kind of house would be a big mess, and may be a breed place for dangerous microorganisms. Every home needs at these cleaning kits that will be listed below.
A home without these basic cleaning kits will be too dirty for anyone to enter because of the way it will look. We all love a well cleaned environment and that is one reason why everyone should have all the cleaning kits to use and cleanup every dust, dirt, and removes stains that need to be removed in other to maintain a clean home.

Cleaning is actually the physical process of taking away unwanted substances such as dirt, dust, infectious materials, bad odour, bacteria stains, clutter and other impurities from an object or the environment. Cleaning is done in different methods using different cleaning kits.
Cleaning kits are usually tools used for cleaning the homes and offices. It is very important to have them at home to be able to clean properly.

What is cleaning?

Cleaning contexts

Commercial cleaning: This is the type of cleaning that is done by companies at different locations. They may be contracted to clean homes, offices or schools.
Environmental remediation: As humans, we are prone to disposing materials that are dangerous to the environment. Environmental remediation is usually done to remove pollutants and contaminants from the natural environment. These pollutants may be carbon or other environment degrading materials.
House keep: This is usually done at home, it involves sweeping, mopping the floor, cleaning of toilets and general house cleaning to make the home look nice. A housekeeper or maid is usually employed to do these duties in some homes that the owners are usually busy and have no time to properly clean the house.
Hygiene (personal grooming): This involves personal hygiene; it involves cleaning and maintaining part of the body. Personal hygiene includes brushing the teeth, shaving hair on the armpit and pubic region and facial hair, bathing and trimming the nails.

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Cleaning methods

Washing: This involves using water to clean the dirty surface or material. Washing can be done using soaps, detergent or other cleaning agents and a brush or sponge. Washing is also done with a washing machine for fabrics both at home or at a commercial place.

Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning involves cleaning clothes and textiles without water, but with chemical solvents. Is is normally a way to clean fabrics that degrade in water.

Common cleaning kits every home should have

Broom: Brooms help in removing debris from the floor, you might be handling something and mistakenly it pours on the floor. You will need a broom to sweep it so that the home will always have a nice look. Broom are made of small bristles, traditional ones are made of palm fronds and are effective for sweeping.
Dust pan: Often called (packer) is used to carry the debris that is being swept from the floor. They usually come in different sizes. Dustpans should not lack in any home as it is very useful in maintaining a clean and sparkling home.
Duster: Dusts accumulate in the home whenever we sweep our homes without dusting, and will get stuck to furniture and may cause dirt on fabrics and sneezing if its gets too much in the house. To get rid of them you need to get a duster and be using it to dust the surfaces of every furniture to avoid them
Mop and mopping bucket: This is a very useful tool for cleaning the floor, whether ceramic tiles, or rubber tiles and even normal concrete floors. The mop consist of a stick that is attached to loose wig like fabric that is being soaked in water in the mop bucket and used to scrub the floor with a detergent. Mops help a lot when cleaning a big room because of the stick that is attached. It reduces the stress of having to bend so y0u can just stand while cleaning up your home.
Toilet brush: This is an essential toilet cleaning kit every toilet owner must have. It is used to scrub the toilet when flushing. This helps keep the toilet away from stains that may be adhesive to the toilet cistern.
Vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are important in the homes because of their ability to suck out dust and other dirt particles from the carpet or tile. A vacuum cleaner does the same thing that a broom does, but they have a greater advantage because they are electronically used and they penetrate where a broom cannot.
Towel: A towel aside from the ones used to clean the body is also necessary in a home in other to clean liquid spills. We can’t avoid spills totally as we handle liquids every day.

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