How to download YouTube videos straight to your device

how to download youtube videos

Downloading videos from youtube has been an issue for so many people. You see a video you like on youtube, after watching you decide to download it to your device but you don’t see any button for that, This DIY tutorial is for you and you really need to read it and follow the steps so that you can be downloading any interesting video you find on youtube.

I will be sharing this tutorial with screenshots from the PC so that everyone will have a clear understanding of what I am about to teach and follow the steps.

Alongside this, I will be making a video tutorial soon too so that the topic will be very easy and clear to everybody.

Steps to follow when downloading youtube videos

  • Step 1- Open your browser window and go to

The first thing to do is to open your browser tab and type in—I am assuming you have already booted your computer, connected to the internet and want to download an interesting video from youtube.

As you can see below, that is my PC window displaying youtube homepage with trending videos of all kinds.

how to download youtube videos

  • Step 2- Search for the video of your choice

The next thing to do is to navigate your mouse pointer to the search bar on the youtube home screen and type in the video you want to download and search for it.

As you can see below I just searched for DAVIDO- FIA, and it came first in the search results

how to download youtube videos

  • Step 3- Copy the video link URL
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After searching the video title and seeing the right video, you now navigate to the video and right click on it and then copy the video link address. It’s actually very simple to do so you do not have to worry yourself.

See below:

how to download youtube videos

Upon completing the previous step, you now open a new tab and go to  On this webpage, you will have to paste the copied link address on the bar provided and then wait for some seconds for the different formats available to show up.

how to download youtube videos

Paste the copied link on the area where the pointer is showing

how to download youtube videos

After pasting the link, the different formats that the video is available will be displayed for you to choose that particular one that is okay for you.

  • Step 5

Since we have video formats like mp4, 3gp, 3gpp etc you just have to download the format that supports your device to avoid wasting your data.

Click on download to download the video into your device.

how to download youtube videos

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