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One of the most biggest growing businesses in America is the supermarket and the grocery store industry and with the technology of online shopping being acquired by these grocery stores and supermarkets the business has all the more increased since everything is now done using ecommerce platform. United States of America is one the countries which has one of the most concentrated grocery stores and supermarkets in the world. With the changing lifestyles of people, people are now inclined more towards automation and the evolution of online shopping and E-commerce development has been acting like an icing on the cake. Here is a list of top 10 grocery stores and supermarkets in America from where you can do your shopping online as well as offline anytime.

1) Wegmans

top grocery stores in america

At the top of the list, we have Wegmans. We keep Wegman’s first in our ranking of grocery stores in America offering the best value reason being that it offers competitive pricing along with some of the highest scores on cleanliness, item availability, staff courtesy, high-quality products, and fresh store-prepared foods. Not only did Wegman’s earn first place as America’s favorite grocery store in Market Force’s 2018 survey, but it’s also one of America’s most trusted brands, according to a 2018 Harris poll. It has become customers’ no.1 choice as this store provides all the regional, national and international products which are not readily available in other grocery stores and that too at very affordable prices. The environment of the store is very reviving and fresh and the products which are being provided by them are fresh, and are of high quality. The people of different origins can now have access to all the famous products and brands of their origin with just a click as the store provides online shopping facility to its customers. Moreover, It has very friendly staff at is disposal.

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2) Trader Joe’s

best grocery stores in america

Trader Joe’s is one of the top grocery shopping stores in america. Although this is a difficult choice, Trader Joe’s edged out Publix for the second place slot because, in addition to its cool vibe, unique and often good and healthy products, courteous cashiers, quick checkout, and grocery store cleanliness, its prices are simply affordable. “It’s the prices that really draw people in,” according to Clark Howard of Clark.com. “Trader Joe’s sells some brand name products under its own private label at half off what you’d pay at a traditional supermarket.”

3) Publix

top grocery stores in america

Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned, American supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is a private corporation that is wholly owned by present and past employees and members of the Jenkins family. Wikipedia

Publix grocery stores are quite affordable to buy from. it is one of the best stores out there.

4) Aldi

Fun fact—this German discounter, the estranged-ish relation to Trader Joe’s, has been in the United States since the 1970s; it started out in the Chicago area, only rather recently becoming seriously aggressive about expanding to, well, everywhere.

If you walk into an Aldi, and it all seems wrong to you—all that not so great lighting, the lack of amenities, the aisles stuffed with brands you’ve never heard of, take heart—the millions of Germans who spend their entire lives shopping for food at stores a lot like the one you’re in can’t be wrong. The payoff for enduring limited service, putting down a deposit for your shopping cart, and not ever having heard of most of the brands you’re buying? Low, low prices. Good news: The chain is shelling out vast sums of money for store renovations, in an effort to make them nicer.

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5. Whole Foods

grocery stores in america

Amazing, isn’t it, how fast things have evolved—not so long ago, Whole Foods was as good as it got, American supermarket-wise. Turned out, many of the things that made the stores so special were rather easily rolled out elsewhere; Walmart, for example, now sells more organics than anybody else. Better lighting, better design, more ambitious prepared foods, juice and coffee bars, full-service restaurants—turns out, everybody else can do that too.

Whole Foods is still Whole Foods, and one of its very finest assets—the relatively humble store brand, 365—still outshines most of the competition. (It competes very well on price, too.)

6. Lidl

grocery stores in america

You may not have heard of it? yeah, you will, and sooner than later. Many a European shopper depends on this fiercely budget German supermarket chain, a strong competitor with Aldi back home, and now, here too, looks like. The concept is similar to both Aldi and Trader Joe’s—smaller footprints, many private label, lots of low prices—but for Lidl’s American debut, the company was almost overboard, throwing wide the doors to a series of light-filled, reasonably-organized stores, making grocery shopping that much more pleasant for anyone on any kind of budget, all up and down the East Coast, from New Jersey to the Carolinas.

Researches have shown that for each market Lidl enters, stunning grocery price wars have ensued—fingers crossed they’ll make it out into the rest of the country. The rest of us are waiting for those cheap and good croissants, which come out fresh daily from one of the best value-priced supermarket bakeries in the country right now.

7) Central Market

Only Two years after Whole Foods went public in 1994, lucky Austin, Texas, hit the grocery store jackpot once more. This time, it came courtesy of the state’s best-known supermarket brand, H-E-B. With almost Europe-worthy retail design, an overwhelming amount of fresh product and exceedingly good prepared foods, there should be Central Markets everywhere—sadly, you’ll have to travel to one of the big cities in Texas and see for it yourself.

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Millions of Texans stay within a reasonable drive of one of these terrific grocery stores, with their cooking schools, in-store entertainment, good coffee bars (and an in-house roaster), plus excellent lunches and dinners served on premises. Central Market is not just a place to buy food—it is a near destination. This is the store that Texas should have exported. Maybe there’s still time.

8) WinCo Foods

best grocery stores in america

Winco Foods is another best ranked grocery store in the USA. It’s not just for the best prices, however. “People love the WinCo shopping experience. The downside? WinCo is in only eight states (California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah) and some locations do not accept credit cards. 

9) Costco

Costco is among Consumer Reports‘s top eight most competitively priced grocery stores. Clark.com declared it a tie between Costco and Aldi in 2017 (although it didn’t make Clark’s top seven in 2018). It’s ranked second only to Aldi in terms of value for money spent by Market Force survey participants, although scored near the bottom in terms of item availability, item findability, and checkout speed.

10) H-E-B

H-E-B didn’t make Consumer Reports‘s top eight, nor did Clark.com give it a shout-out. But the overall shopping experience (with top marks in item availability, item findability, and cleanliness) was sufficient for this Texas-based chain to round out Market Force’s top 10 grocery stores. 

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