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Bad breath odour varies depending on the source or underlying cause. Some people worry too much about their breath even though they have little or no mouth odour, while others have bad breath and do not know it. Because it is difficult to tell how your own mouth smells, you can ask a close friend or family member to confirm your breath.
Brushing the teeth every morning and evening and after meals help in protecting your mouth from bacterial infections that cause bad breath, but some people need additional methods to help solve the problem of bad breath.

Having bad breath will make people uncomfortable when you are close, some people will avoid being too close to you and you will not even know that it it your bad breath that is making them leave you.

I have had a lady once open up to me that even if a man possesses everything in the world but has bad breath that she cannot be close to such a man. This is an example of how bad breath detests some people.

Bad breath is something that can be controlled and gotten rid of if the proper hygienic processes are followed. In this write up we are going to outline how to avoid having bad breath and have that fresh breath every time.


1: Warm Salt Water Rinse

Warm salt water is a very excellent home remedy for stopping bad breath as the salt water (saline solution) rinse can help prevent the build up of infectious bacteria in the mouth or throat. The effect is probably due to the salt water’s slight acidity. This prevents the ‘alkalizing’ environment that encourages the growth of microbes that may cause this bad breath.

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2: Green tea

Research has it that green tea temporarily reduces mouth odour due to its antibacterial and deodorant action. This is probably because of the actions of the polyphenols, and antioxidants that it contains.

You can be drinking 3-5 cups of green tea per day or taking a polyphenol EGCG supplement that will help avoid bad breath.

3: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural antifungal and antibacterial plant. Studies have shown it’s as effective as chlorhexidine mouthwash at reducing plaque in the teeth. It also boosts the creation of collagen, improving the mouth’s ability to heal wounds quickly.

You can make your own Aloe Vera mouthwash to fight bad breath. Just boil some water and put aloe vera gel once the water is cool. You can also choose to add peppermint oil to taste.

4: Cinnamon Chewing Sticks

Cinnamon is known to possess antimicrobial action. It’s also proved effective against bacteria that cause oral infections in some researches. Cinnamon is also thought to have digestive and respiratory benefits, although more research is needed to prove this.

Cinnamon chewing sticks also has fiber that supports microbial diversity in the mouth.

5: Hydration

If you are looking for how to avoid having bad breath, you need to cut down on diuretics and drink more water instead. Drinking more water will help maintain saliva flow and keep your mouth moist, discouraging bacterial growth in the mouth.

Diuretics such as coffee, black tea, and alcohol increase fluid loss and may cause dry mouth leading to mouth odour.

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6: Proper oral hygiene

Regular and proper oral hygiene, including inter-dental cleaning with floss, will help to stop bad breath. Stop infectious bacteria from building up on your gums and your teeth.

Brush your tongue always. The bacteria that cause bad breath are often found on the topside of your tongue. If you can see a white coating on your tongue, you should remove this white debris with a tongue cleaner.

7: Exercise regularly

Regular exercise help to increase your circulation and ventilation  rate. This helps to increase cellular turnover throughout your body system.

Exercise has also been shown to be good for maintaining microbiome health. This may help to manage harmful bugs that cause bad breath.

8: Decrease your stress level

One natural remedy for reducing bad breath may be to get your stress under control. Bad breath is a sign that both your immune system and microbiome aren’t working the way they are supposed to work. Stress can change your body’s odour.

Chronic stress can damage your immune system and reduce your ability to respond to your environment. Central to this is your microbiome.

Stress as a cause of bad breath may be due to its ability to cause odour. We also know that stress increases sweat gland activity. These secretions interact with bacteria in your body to create body odour.

However, stress itself may change your body’s bacteria. Research has shown in mice studies that the microbiome can lose diversity when exposed to chronic stress.

9: Get quality sleep and rest

Poor sleep can affect your immune system negatively, microbiome and stress response. We also know that sleep helps your immune system to effectively ‘remember’ its environment.

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Researchers have also found that your gut microbiome plays a role in your diurnal rhythm. If you notice any bad breath, it’s worth looking at your sleep patterns and trying to ensure you get enough good quality sleep every night.

10: Lemon grass essential oil

Lemon grass is believed to have antimicrobial properties that can inhibit certain bacteria, both internally and externally. It is also known to be effective against bacterial infections in the colon.

Lemon grass oil may be used as an internal or external preparation. Chewing lemon rind may also be effective in fighting bad breath.

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