Golden rules on how to design a logo

You might have stumbled on this post while searching for rules on how to make a logo or how to create a good logo for your clients. As a graphics designer or one learning the art of logo design, you need to follow certain rules to achieve better designs that will make your clients refer you to other people.

Your concepts needs to follow the rules of logo design so you can be recommended to do jobs for people all over the world. Logo design has a process before you can be a professional logo design that is known for your uniqueness and creativity.

Here are golden rules on how to make a creative logo

Know your clients

Always make sure that you have some insight about your client’s business before starting out with the logo design process. If the design brief provided by the business owner is not much to be used, research the business. Ask the client right questions that help you get the answer regarding the type of the business, products or services. Know about the history of the brand also.

Simplicity Of Design

Irrespective of whatever design pattern or shape you choose for your logo, the main essence of the design has to be simple. Basically, a logo is a test of your design acumen and presentation skills, so it makes sense to focus on those aspects. A thumb rule here is to design your logo without thinking of a caption or a company. This may help you enrich your creative logo with a timeless appeal while simplifying the whole design

How to Design a Logo: Make It Versatile

To design your own logo that is versatile enough to look equally beautiful on business card design, letterheads, banner ads, flyers or business websites can go a long way in making it a timeless artwork.

Don’t be too literal:

Just because you are designing a logo for an automobile dealer does not mean that the logo must be a car. You can create some thing abstract and make it represent even the name of the company or an element in an automobile. The more abstract the logo is, the more enduring and captivating it will be to persons seeing thew brand.

Symbols are not essential

As a graphics designer looking for answers to how to illustrate a logo concept, this might sound awkward, because you probably think all logos should be symbols, But i will tell you that a word mark can serve as a logo. An example is Mobil, Pirelli, Google etc. Words can stand as a logo if the word is unique and legible.

Work in Black and White

When designing a logo, try as much as possible to make the logo look nice in both black and white background. With this, your clients will not find it hard to present the logo. This is very important for starter graphic designers, you should always consider this before beginning your sketch.

Aim for an easy recall

Simple logos are easy to recall than the complex ones. When considering a logo design strive to make it easily recalled. The simplicity of any design will aid its recognition anywhere and this will make your clients branding goal achieved.

Choose a broader identity

To be a good logo designer you must always try to create a broader identity for your logo designs. It can be a typeface you create by yourself, this will make it more unique and out of the conventional logo design out there. Strive for a better font type to make the type face different from what other companies in their logos. Like the logo below the type face is just a graffiti font i made by myself. This looks fantastic, Doesn’t it?

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