How to get more clients to your business

How to get more clients to your business

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It’s a new day and today we want to give out tips on how you can get more people to know your business as a new entrepreneur or an old one that just wants more clients to work for.

Normally in the business world when you start a business, the first people to support your business as your clients, investors are usually the friends and family members. It is important to note that business cannot survive solely on the support and patronage from friends and family members only. You need more people outside your normal circle to support your business and make you succeed within a short time.

Check below for what you should do sell your business to new clients beyond your friends and family members:

Tell your friends and family members to recommend your business

When you are starting out, it is one thing for friends and family members to buy from you but it is another thing for them to sell your brand for you. You can tell your brothers and sisters to talk to their friends about your new business, also ask your cousins to recommend you to their colleagues. This way, your business  will grow outside your network.

Use the social media effectively

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with new clients locally and globally. Are you using your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages effectively? Try growing a community instead of just asking people to buy from you. Create Facebook groups and a page to discuss only issues pertaining to your business. With this approach you will be able to get more clients coming to you.


To connect with people who aren’t just friends and family on social media, you need to offer valuable content to them. Also connect with social media influencers and hire them to help spread the word around. This way you will get more clients to your business.

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Offer good service to your clients

Your own friends and family members may patronize you because they love you deeply, but other clients will patronize you because of the value they get from your business. So whenever you get a new client, make sure you deliver your service or product in a way that they will want to do business with you again.

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