Proven tips on how to have 6 packs in 30 days

have 6 packs

Drink lemon juice

This is proven to be greatly effective in cleaning your system, this detox drink can burn fat around your belly more effectively and let you have 6 packs easily. Drink it first thing in the morning. That is usually one of the things you see online when you search for how to have 6 packs. But there are other good ways which I am going to discuss in this article.

READ Proven workout tips that will make you lose weight in a healthy way

Having that wonderful abs you always dream of is not a difficult or something that only those that go to the gym can achieve. You can also have 6 packs right from your bedroom. All that is required of you is consistent exercise and a change in your diet.

Basic crunches

You can begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your fingertips behind your head, inhale, then exhale as you raise your upper back off from the floor. Raise your torso for about 2 seconds, and gently inhale as you lower yourself back to the floor.

To increase difficulty level, you can try placing a weight over your torso as you do the crunches. Start out light, such as with a 5 to 10 lb (2.3 to 4.5 kg) plate weight, to avoid injury while trying to have 6 packs abs.

Overhead crunches

This is another type of crunches needed in other to have 6 packs abs within a short period of time. It involves lying on the back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. After lying down, straighten your arms above your head with your palms facing up. Your arms should still be on the floor, and your biceps (upper arms) should be close to your ears.

  • Placing your arms far above your head, lift your torso as if you were doing a normal crunch. Remember to keep your head, neck, and spine straight, and don’t arch your lower back.
  • As with normal crunches, you can place a lightweight plate in your hands to add resistance.

Side planks.

Begin by lying on your right side with your right elbow bent directly underneath your shoulder. Your left leg should be placed directly above your right leg. Inhale, then exhale as you engage your core muscles and extend your elbow to a 90 degree angle.

  • Keep your elbow bent directly under your shoulder. Your head, neck, and spine should be positioned in a straight line.
  • Keep on breathing as you hold the side plank. Try holding it for 10 to 15 seconds, or go for 30 to 45 seconds if a shorter duration is not challenging. Slowly move yourself back to the starting position, then repeat the steps on your left side.
  • To increase difficulty level, raise your upper leg off of your lower leg as you hold a side plank.

Cardio exercises for burning fat

For you to see the results of your hard work, you will need to burn belly fats that cover the abdominal muscles. For a good cardio workout, jog for 5 to 10 minutes, sprint for 10 minutes, then jog for another 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Jogging, sprinting, then jogging again is a form of interval training. This type of cardio exercise is a wonderful way to burn fat in the body.
  • In addition to running, you could ride your bike, swim laps,  do jumping jacks, and jump rope.

Include plenty of protein sources in your diet.

Protein helps build muscles, but it is very important to choose higher-fat options. These fish, poultry legumes, nuts, eggs, and full-fat dairy products. Go for these instead of processed meats, like bacon.

  • The perfect amount of protein daily depends on your age, sex, and activity level. Generally, go for at least 5 12 to 6 12 oz (160 to 180 g) of each day. For example, take 110 g of grilled chicken over a salad for lunch, and 85 g of salmon for dinner.
  • If you are very active, you might need even more protein every day. Learn more about your requirements at

Fill up on fruits and vegetables to cut your calories

Fruits and vegetables are filled with essential nutrients, and they can fill you up without adding extra calories. Your required amount depends on your age, sex, and activity level. 

  • When you are hungry between meals, grab a healthy snack, like a banana, apple, or carrot sticks.

Don’t skip healthy complex carbs.

Grains are very rich in fiber and fuel your muscles, so choose  brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain breads, pastas, and cereals. Try to eat around 6 to 8 oz (170 to 230 g) of grains everyday; half that amount should be whole grains.

  • You might have been hearing that you need to cut down on carbohydrate intake to lose weight. But a healthy consumption of grains are an important part of your diet, and they provide your muscles with the resources needed to grow better.




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