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Become a collector

Improving as a graphic designer involves you collecting as many graphic works as possible, even if you are not using them, you can learn from the designers concept of design. This will make you improve your skill and become up-to-date with the trends in the design niche. An example is getting flyers and free magazines and brochures from people, Those stuff will help inspire your own job as a graphic designer.

Buy books

Buying and reading design books will help you a lot as a graphic designer that wants to improve. This books are written by experts that know about graphic design. They will teach you the basics and will spur you up by adding more knowledge to what you already knew as a graphic designer.

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Read design-related blogs

As a designer that wants to succeed, you have to make good use of the internet by reading design related blogs. This blogs will help you see what other designers are doing. You do not have to always limit yourself to your location, think and act wisely. Join forums online and Facebook groups.

Look out for tutorials

Looking to improve as a graphic designer? then lookout for online tutorials and offline tutorials from experts. These will really help you improve your skill. Learning never stops so keep on sourcing for tutorials on youtube and other platforms.

Start a design blog

Owning a design blog will not only improve your search presence on the web, but it will improve the way your clients visualize your business. Your design blog might be to showcase your portfolio or even to teach other designers how to create some designs.

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You can also make some cash from starting a design blog, sell your ebooks, join affiliate programs and sell your designs etc.

Join and be active in the design community

Join a good graphic design community on the web. Facebook has so many groups that are meant for designers and it helps a lot. In this group designers talk about design processes and also you can present your portfolio and also request for jobs. To be successful in the design world you need to be active and share your works on the platform for it to be rated. When your design job is rated, you will be motivated to work well.

Create sample projects whenever you find free time

During your free time you can just decide to create new projects and work as if it was a client’s job. This will make you versatile with the design software you are using. Many design concepts are not always thought in school, some are discovered as we work on a daily basis. The bottom line of this is that you get to discover new techniques as you keep on designing.

Redo other people’s designs

Doing other people’s old designs will help you gain an insight to the steps they followed while designing. They will always look like you are giving yourself a take home assignment in which if you pass is a credit to you as a designer.

how to improve as a graphic designer

Redo your old designs

To improve as a graphic designer, you need to redo your old designs when you are free, this will make you see where you can improve the design and make it modern and look like its a recent design. By doing this, believe me you’ll learn from the past ways of doing things and adopt a new approach to designing.

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Attend lectures and workshops

Attend design lectures and workshops whenever you hear of them, it helps designers improve on the ways they work. Webinars and video conferencing are also good for designers as the people coming to teach you are already professionals in the graphic design field.

Network with other designers

Network with other designers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Dribbble, Instagram, Behance etc. By doing this you get to meet people that are doing similar designs and you may be lucky to learn from them as well

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