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A lot of marriages have been broken because of infidelity caused by the women’s inability to get the right information on how to keep their man and have their attention all the time. Marriage is a lifetime relationship between two people of the opposite sex and was meant to be mutual with each other having to show love and care without looking out for another partner. Infidelity issues usually occur due to the fact that the people involved fail to understand each other and building this bond of love fails to leave them to regret and feel unloved and go out to seek for other ladies.

No details of where you are losing his attention to go on so I can only give a general answer on how you can keep your man and have all his eyes on you every day.

Most of these things may probably not appeal to some people, and some may appear sexist or rude, since I don’t know how far you are willing to go to get and keep your man’s attention, please ignore any that are not appropriate to your own situation:

  • Always dress to please him, if he likes slutty, dress slutty, if he likes classy, dress classy
  • Always make the first move sexually sometimes as some men will feel you are not sexual especially if you have been married for a long time.
  • Make sure you tease him, shake your ass at him, let your blouse/shirt fall open and expose your breasts at a random time, pretend like it was an accident.
  • Sometimes pick something he really likes and read all you can about it, for example his favorite sports team, or hobby, be able to ask sensible questions, and understand and comment on his answers too.
  • Make out time to find out what his fantasies are (sexual or otherwise) and if they are affordable and don’t offend you go on and see about making them come true
  • Try and find a new hobby that you could both do together, it could be creative, sporting and competitive, sporting and non competitive, a way to make good money together for some luxury things you two love.
  • As a wife try as much as you can to make his favourite meals as often as you can to keep your man.
  • As a wife always try to encourage your husband when he is down, do not let other women do that for him, his attention might be taken away from you and you might end up losing your man.
  • Do well to praise him when he does something great, or even when he at least tries.
  • When he comes home from work, kneel at his feel with a towel and peppermint foot lotion and give him a refreshing foot massage.
  • Try and learn massaging techniques and practice them on him when he is at home.
  • The highest need for men is respect/honor. And the cost of it for them is vulnerability. They need to show it on their journey in life to be able to grow into better versions of themselves.

    And so, try to show him respect and honor his choices by not judging him. But instead by taking interest in his ideas and direction. If you disagree with it, ask first if you could share your thoughts.

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