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Some lifestyle habits are needed in order to care for your skin and have a glowing complexion all year long, whatever your skin type. In order to take care of and keep your skin nice, first and foremost make sure to choose products specially designed for your own skin type. Dry skin do not have the same needs as oily skin. Some parts of the face (eye contour, lips, etc.) have particularly fine, fragile skin.

How to prevent pimples and blackheads

1. Stop squeezing or popping the pimples on your face and as much as possible stop yourself from touching your outbreaks especially with dirty hands. The more frequent you touch or squeeze the puss out of your pimples, the more sebum your skin will produce. It will take much time before your acne and blackheads clear up because of the inflammation and irritation that can possibly occur.

2. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day. Proper facial hygiene is the best way towards preventing pimples as well as preventing acne to appear. Use facial soaps that do not have oil or soaps that are none acidic.

3. Always use moisturizer after washing your face with a sulfur-based soap that is designed specifically for pimples prone people. Washing can strip off natural lipids on your skin, so put a moisturizer that suits the type of skin you have (sensitive, normal or dry) so that your body will not produce extra oil that may cause your skin to be more vulnerable to breakouts.

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4. Many people turn to over-the-counter products that are made to fight acne. This is the first solution they think of on how to quench acne instantly. There are some typical creams that do not need any prescriptions from a doctor. However, make sure that the cream you will be using may not cause you allergies that can even worsen your current facial problem.

5. In case you are engaging yourself in some detoxification activities such as yoga or work outs, make sure that you clean the sweat from your face immediately after the activity.

6. Always use the creams that have benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient in them. But bear in mind that even these anti-acne products can still cause your skin to dry even though they help in healing your acne so you still need to use your moisturizers on your skin. The stronger the medicine is, the higher percentage of benzoyl peroxide it contains. Some users acknowledge that using creams with benzoyl peroxide is one of the best solutions on how to clear up blackheads and acne.

When all these things fail, consult your trusted dermatologist that would give you advice on how to prevent pimples and medicines that will stop pimples.


Always bear in mind that even though these tips worked for some people, it does not necessarily mean that it might work for you too. Whichever solution is best for you, keep it as a part of your everyday routine. No matter what technique you choose on how to clear up acne, you need to remember that your acne problems will never be solved overnight.

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