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Grocery shopping stores are seen everywhere in the country in all the states of the federation. With the changing lifestyles of people, people are now tuned towards automation and the global evolution of online shopping and E-commerce development has been acting like an icing on the cake.  And starting a grocery store online might be what you may think is a difficult task to achieve. Today we are going to teach you how start an online grocery shopping store.

Nowadays, so many people are online and this is one of the numerous reasons an online grocery store is beneficial. Starting an online grocery store will definitely bring about a good income as sales will be trouping in if you follow the right steps.

We are living in a world where so many tasks has been taken over by the internet. The online grocery shopping store as well needs to have a presence on the internet. This will make people that are always busy not to be over stressed after work.

An online grocery store will be of help to so many people. This is because it will ease them of the stress of going to the traditional market places to go around picking up different commodities and also wait and pay for those goods one by one.

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What to do when you want to start an online grocery store

Decide on what you want to sell

When you want to start an online grocery store, you need to think on the kind of groceries you will have in your store. By doing this, you decide on the availability of these commodities, the way you will be preserving them, the competition, and its usefulness.


You do not just sell anything in your store, you need to know whether people will want to buy that kind of product from an online grocery store or if they prefer seeing the product first before paying for them. Also you need to check out the availability of these products, if it is very common, do not sell them. Go for uncommon commodities that you know that you will be able to sell online to customers.

Analyze your potential customers’ location

The location of your potential customers matter when you want to start an online grocery store. You will not want your commodities to spoil before it gets to your buyer, so checkout where your customers stay and determine how to package the products that you are sending to them. You will not want to send fresh veggies that get to the customer after 2-3 days, that alone will tell the customer that you are not really in for business. Your goods should always get to your customers on time because that will make them have more trust in you. Always have it in mind that punctuality is the soul of business. Be punctual!!!

Build your website

A website is a necessity when you want to start an online grocery store. Having your own website is the best way to sell your groceries online. Your website should be designed by a professional web designer in such a way that it is responsive. The responsiveness here means that it will be accessed easily from any device be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a personal computer.

To build your online grocery shopping store, send an email to sifonsudoh@gmail.com or whatsapp +2349068605947

Your website is where you will display all your groceries and the price tags, you will also integrate a mode of payment that will be secure to both you and your customers on the website. Also you can give your customers options to choose the way their goods are to be delivered.

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Create your business’ social media pages

Social media is where you are going to be engaging with your customers from time to time, letting them know about what your store offers and new developments. With the social media you will interact and get reviews from your customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest gives your the option of advertising your store to the world in other to get a wider audience.

Always engage with your customers

As the owner of a grocery store, you need to always engage with your customers, answer their questions and get feedback on your products. This will let you know how to improve your online grocery store.

Advertise your online grocery store

Your online grocery store will only grow faster if you advertise. Use Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads and other paid ad networks. With this, you will get your grocery store known to the world.


Your online grocery store will turn to be a successful investment when you apply the steps listed above. Moreover you need to buy your goods from trusted suppliers only. Go into interior villages and meet with farmers who can sell farm produce to you cheaper so that you can as well make gains while you sell online to people in the urban centres.

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To build your online grocery store, send an email to sifonsudoh@gmail.com or whatsapp +2349068605947

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