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Have you been thinking about how to start a poultry farm this year? If so, then you are definitely the one this post was written for.
What you just have to do now is pick your jotter, relax, take a deep breath and read along and note all the important points and steps that will be unveiled about how to start a poultry farm and succeed in the business.
If you have ever tried to start up any business, then you will know that it is usually not an easy task setting up everything from the scratch. Many people have found success by running their business without reading about what the business is involved, and many have also failed because they never had any ideas before setting up their business.
Before we get in the real deal of how to set up your poultry farm business and succeed, let’s get to know what poultry farm is for the sake of those that are just coming across that for the first time.


Poultry farming is the practice of raising domestic birds such as chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks for the purpose of selling them for meat or selling their eggs for food. Poultry farmers raise chickens in large numbers. The agricultural business of raising poultry for money is what poultry farming is all about.

Free range

The Free-range poultry farming allows chickens to roam freely during the day, although they are usually put in sheds at night to protect them from predators or kept inside if the weather is bad.

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This the practice of keeping chickens in an enclosed barn. These free running hens roam about freely.


In organic egg-laying systems, chickens are also in free-range. Organic systems are based upon restrictions on the routine use of synthetic yolk colourants, in-feed or in-water medications, other food additives and synthetic amino acids, and a lower stocking density and smaller group sizes

How to Start a Poultry Farm Business

Let’s get going on how to start the business. I believe that your pen and paper is still with you.
HAVE YOUR MONEY READY: Starting a poultry business requires some money, though not too much, but you definitely have to get enough money to enable you get the basic things that will help you have the business running. You can save up some money or apply for a bank loan. You can also meet some investors that would finance the business and expect their money back, but you need to be extra serious so that you return someone’s money on time, I wouldn’t recommend this though. But it is still good if you believe that you will definitely make the money.
CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTION TYPE: By production type here, we mean that you should choose the kind of poultry birds you want to raise, Layers or Broilers. Broilers are for meat, while layers as the name imply means that they are for egg production. You can combine both as the business keeps booming and make much more sales.
POULTRY FARM LOCATION: You need to choose a good location for your poultry farm. A poultry farm requires a dry and safe environment so that your birds will not be at the risk of having disease or being attacked by predators. Locate somewhere that is not noisy and also you need to choose a location that is accessible to customers.
CONSTRUCT YOUR HOUSE: Every good poultry farm has to be constructed in a way that is conducive to birds. Your poultry farm must be well ventilated and spacious to contain your birds.
LABOUR AND MAN-POWER: Employ an extra hand or more to help you out in managing the poultry farm. Poultry farm business is not an easy business, It is somehow stressful, so you need an helping hand. You need someone to be helping you take care of your birds. Sometimes you might not be there to put water for your birds and you need to have someone to handle that for you.
PURCHASING CHICKS: When making purchase as a starter, you need to meet an experienced poultry farmer to help you make the right purchase. You do not need to buy chicks and at the end you regret. Talk to fellow farmers and know what the business is like.
BUY EQUIPMENT: Before starting out in your poultry farm business, You need to purchase equipment like:
Egg trays
Lighting equipment
Ventilation system
Water storage system
Waste disposal system

FEEDING AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT: Birds are very sensitive animals. You always need to make sure that the feeds you are buying are the right one for your kind of birds. The moment your birds are starved, you notice that they begin to be feeble and may result in a loss. You need to vaccinate your birds regularly against disease that usually affect chickens.

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