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If you are looking for information on how to start t-shirt printing business, then this article is for you. But then before we talk about the “Hows” and “Whats” of t-shirt printing business, there are some insights on how to start t-shirt printing business.

If you have an artistic streak and a good sense of fashion, nothing else works like starting up a T-shirt Printing Business. These days people wear T-shirts to their day to day activities, custom T-shirts are being printed for rallies, political events, football and educational purposes etc

Also, with a business like this one, you can start with limited supplies, funding and equipment, but you will sure need to get enough money from it to purchase better equipment as time goes on and where to buy T-shirt printing machine that will last long.


If at all you want to start up a T-shirt printing business, you just have to keep in mind 3 things.

  1. You will require a good  amount of money to be invested in the business.
  2. You have to be conscious about the quality of the product which includes clothes and printing that will be done.
  3. The last but not the least is that you don’t have to compete with bigger brands, safe your profit margins firstly, you will definitely get the required sales you need to grow your business.

There are basically two types of businesses that are related to t-shirt you begin start with,

  1. On demand printing: This is where you have to stock good quality plain t-shirt and you need a DTG (direct to garment) printing machine, again it requires a high investment.
  2. Screen printing: you can have in stock at least 5 garments per design in one size. It is a good way to start.


A. Screen Printing

This is one of the most popular means of printing on T-shirts. It also provides consistent printing and long lasting imprints on the shirts.

Screen Printing is the most effective printing technique when it comes to bulk production of T-shirts.

When you have more than five colours involved in your design, it gets a little complicated for screen printing machines. So in such a scenario, it might take more time to print on the shirts. These machines can be bought on the link below.

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  1. Seems to be very expensive for printing multiple colours
  2. Takes more time when printing complicated designs.

B. Heat transfer printing

This method of printing has been around for many years. Photocopy machines and laser printers work really well on the heat transfer.

It involves printing designs from your Computer and transferring them with iron or heat press.

Heat transfer might seem to be a traditional method for doing a t-shirt printing business. This is so because it makes you to print fast and in larger quantities and you will will deliver your jobs quick.

Laser printers are popular for providing prints that are quite long lasting and don’t get affected by wash. Also, the fabric still feels the same after it is printed.

It does not look like a design has been unnaturally transferred or printed on t-shirts. If you crave for t-shirts that look very professional and attractive to your customers, buying a Laser printer would be a very good thing to do.

Plastisol transfer is the most recent form of heat transfer. This method of printing is used on high quality heat transfer papers. You can buy stack or prints from a printer and apply them on to the t-shirts as and when you receive orders from people requesting for t-shirt printing.

When using heat transfer, you will be able to print images very quickly.


  1. Requires a lot of time and attention from the printer.
  2. Not very durable as compared to screen printing.
  3. Needs a lot of investment as the printer is very expensive.

C. Direct-to-garment printing

This printer works like an ink jet printer and that is why there are no additional costs involved. It can be used to print multiple coloured images directly on the t-shirts with perfection.

The outcome obtained from direct-to-garment t-shirt printing are as good as the ones gotten from screen printing t-shirt business.

Needless to say, it is way better than the quality produced by heat transfers. If you do not know where to buy T-shirt printing machine you can follow the links in the post.

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Here’s a little brief about Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are very cost-effective when compared to laser printing machines. Also, they give a bright and vibrant result. If you are willing to accept a little low professional edge for low costs and brighter colour, Inkjet printer might be your option to go for .

The only setback of this method of printers is that the ink used is a little expensive.


  1. This method of printing is not advisable for bulk production
  2. It is not possible to give volume discounts

D. Embroidered printing: This is an old method of printing whose origins go back to 5th century BC. Embroidered printing method is one of the most unconventional methods of printing.

This is because unlike other printing methods, it utilizes a sewing machine that sews the design in the garment.

Many polo t-shirts are printed using this old method. Embroidery printing is also used to make corporate t-shirts.

This kind of printing is still liked by many people as the design printed looks quite original, and professional when printed on the t-shirt. It also lasts quite long and doesn’t come off easily.


  1. Using this method to print these asks for a special skill and might takes many years to learn and be a professional. You also might have to spend a lot on labour for doing it on a larger scale.
  2. It is often difficult to implement the embroidery of intricate and small designs.


1. Creativity and versatility would be a part of your life in a business like this one: You will be dealing with so many different jobs including designing the tees, printing, communicating with clients etc.

2. You will be free to choose your workplace: It doesn’t matter where your set up is. You can have a small shop or a room to begin your business. As your presence will be on the internet and t-shirts can be shipped easily all over the world, you will be able to do business with millions of potential customers.

3. Convenience when it comes to time: As far as you can deliver the t-shirts on time expected by your customers, it doesn’t matter what timings you choose for your work. You can work during the weekends, during weekdays, in the evenings or any other day which seems comfortable to you.

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4. T-shirt selling is not hard: It is better to sell a common product rather than having to come up with something very unique and become a failure in the business. There is no doubt that you will have to face some serious challenges and competition with time. However, with the right knowledge and strategized marketing, you will be able to succeed selling t-shirt and printing on t-shirts.

5. Has a great scope: If you are good with the job of t-shirt printing, you will definitely get many jobs from your numerous clients. You can also expand your business using the same materials and can print hoodies, snapbacks, bags and other stuff.

If the reasons above are good enough for you to consider your decision of moving into a t-shirt printing business then you can do that and make money as the day goes by.

6. Select the right t-shirt supplier

When once you have made the decision to go into T-shirt printing business, you need to purchase blank T-shirts for printing. Do a little kind of research and find out about where to buy T-shirt printing machine and who can provide you with good quality blank t-shirts for printing on.


Even though you follow the above methods, they will ensure you are doing everything right with your t-shirt business. But they do not guarantee you success, success comes from hard work.

You have to take all your business constraints into consideration, get the right vendors for web-to-print software, t-shirt printing machines and t-shirts.

You will also have to check out the most cost effective way to get the t-shirts printed and delivered to your clients. And once all those are in done you have to check out a better marketing strategy get the all important clients.

But if you do all these right, then there’s no stopping you from achieving success.

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