how to start recharge card business
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If you are searching for a new business idea to make use and make some side income, then this is the perfect article for you. The recharge card business is a very profitable venture in Nigeria, even when countless of other people are entering into the space to do the business several opportunities to get started and make good money selling Network vouchers or recharge PINs.


You will have to clear some doubts and find out more about the business of printing recharge cards. One popular question about the recharge card business by those who want to enter newly into the business is; if whether people still buy paper recharge cards when bank ussd codes are there. The truth is that not every mobile phone user wants to recharge from their banks, and not every body owns a bank account.

The mobile usage in Nigeria will only grow to be something bigger, people need the airtime, to make calls to friends and families send messages to people may be for official or personal needs and many other things.

Much more airtime is used to subscribe for data plans in other to have wholesome access to the internet and surf the web. As reports have Nigerians spent an average of 300 Billion Naira annually on recharge cards and call vouchers, and you can get a fair share of that profit if you follow the right channel of the business.


To start the recharge card business, there are some basic information and requirement you need to have at your fingertips. IT requires you to have connections with a major recharge card dealer, recharge card printing machine, software, and PC.

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The recharge card dealer will be responsible for selling the encrypted PINS which you need to print in hard copies on vouchers before selling. However, pls mind that there are many scammers out there who wants to take your money, so be sure to only break bulk from registered companies and well-trusted entities if you need to deal with an individual.

Once that is taken care of, you will need the below equipment in order to start printing out the cards before selling.
Email address to receive PIN from Dealer(s)

  • Voucher/recharge card printing machine
  • Software for decrypting the encrypted PIN codes sent to you in the email
  • Recharge card printing machine.
  • A3/A4 paper for printing out the recharge cards in small leaflets
  • Funds to start up the business

You can use special software called e-PIN manager to print your recharge vouchers online. In this case, some dealers usually offer to give their customers small printing machines like the ones used at POS terminals to print the cards, this will reduce your cost of getting big printers and Computer and thus reduce the cost you need to start up your recharge card business.

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