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Do you want to start a bespoke tailoring business? If you just nodded your head to this question i asked, then this write-up is for you. We require that you read it well because it is well written to enlighten you on what you need to do to start your bespoke tailoring business.

Bespoke tailoring/biˈspoʊk/ (listen) is clothing made to an individual buyer’s specifications by a tailor.

Everyday people are sewing clothes either for occasions or for their work. Their tailors are making lots of money from the clothes they sew every day and you can be among those living it big in the tailoring industry. You can chose to start a bespoke tailoring business if you have passion for sewing and fashion design. To own a bespoke tailoring business you don’t have to be a professional tailor at first. You can open the tailoring shop and then learn how to sew afterwards.

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Note: To start a tailoring business, you always have to be at the shop to monitor what your employees are doing so that you know the number of clothes that they sew each day.
You should also sell lace materials, wrappers and other wearable in your shop as your customers will always want to buy clothes when they see that you have them in your tailoring shop. If you are sewing male clothes, selling cuff links, watches, and other accessories is also a nice way to make extra money.
Tailoring business is very lucrative in this part of the world as people cannot stay without sewing new clothes especially during festive seasons. Women alone sew many clothes and that niche is most lucrative than their male counterpart though both pays well.
Before starting out, you should bear it in mind that you need some amount of money to get the equipment to start a tailoring business, pay for shop rent, search for a good location, employ professional tailors, and for you to make more passive income you should also provide additional services like embroidery, sales of machine oil, linens, threads and needles.
This article is geared toward letting you know what you require when you want to start a bespoke tailoring business.

How to start your bespoke tailoring business

  1. Write a business plan
  2. Rent a better Location
  3. Buy Original equipment
  4. Employ only professional tailors
  5. Calculate your cost
  6. Provide additional services
  7. Provide room for training
  8. Furnish your shop
  9. Be sure to advertise your tailoring business
  10. Entertain your customers
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Write A Business Plan

Writing a business plan may be time-consuming and stressful, but it is a big necessity if you want to succeed as a bespoke tailor in the startup phase. If you are new in the business of sewing, you need to have a business plan.

The process of writing a business plan can do wonders to clarify where you have been and where you’re going. As a new business you may need start up capital and investors will want to see your business plan before investing. No one wants to invest his or her money in a business that is not future oriented. Always have this at the back of your mind, do what you know will attract investors.

Rent a better Location

A good location in the heart of the city is what drives a business and make it stand out among the rest. To be successful in your tailoring business, you need to rent a shop in a nice, busy and serene environment that you can be noticed and approached for business.

Though as a tailor your customers will always locate you if you know how to sew very well, you also need a location that is accessible to people. You need a place that you will have constant power supply to use and iron fabrics or do embroidery.

Buy Original equipment

Equipment matters a lot when starting a tailoring business, you need a good capital to acquire the best kinds of equipment. When buying equipment to start tailoring business, you need to invest in original and cost effective equipment that will stay the taste of time. You don’t need equipment that will break down while you are working.

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A failed equipment will bring about delay in a customer’s work and may cost you to lose your customers. Don’t buy because it is cheap, consider the quality. Check out for reviews and ask questions about the equipment you intend to purchase

Employ only professional tailors

Aside from you getting to finish your intern with a fashion school, when you want to start a tailoring business, you can decide to employ professional tailors that will work for you. This is cost effective as you are the owner of the business and they are just employees that work while you pay them. Along the line if you want to teach, you can advertise and call in interested apprentices that will pay you to learn. This means extra income to your purse.

Calculate your cost

As a business person, your main aim is to make profit from your tailoring business. You have to calculate what it took you to open the tailoring shop and know the rate at which you bill your customers.

You should not overcharge or undercharge your customers. You should also ask to know what other tailors bill on different clothing styles. Calculate and include all extra charges you incur so that you will not run at a loss.

Provide additional services

This is what usually brings about extra money to all tailors. If you have embroidery machine in your shop, other tailors will always come around to do embroideries with you and you will earn cash. You can also sell other tailoring kits like machine oil, tapes, chalk, threads, and needles.

Provide room for training

People will always want to come and train with you especially if you are extraordinarily good at what you do. You should be open to persons willing to learn tailoring. Training usually comes with a fee so charge to teach. Say if you have several students learning tailoring from you, you in turn bill the cash for teaching them. When the time elapses, they can decide to pay again if during the period not all was learnt.

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Furnish your shop

Your tailoring shop should be appealing to your customers. You should furnish it well for it to look nice. Keep well cushioned chairs for your customers to sit down; if possible you can keep a television as a side attraction to your customers

Be sure to advertise your tailoring business

You can do this by word of mouth, telling all your friends. You can still meet a graphics designer to design a custom business card for you, print and share flyers at public places. By doing this, you will be known by many people. Radio and Television advertisement too is also relevant when marketing your business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can also help you reach out to a large number of persons needing your service.

Entertain your customers

Make sure that your tailoring shop has provision for seats, it is your responsibility to make your customers feel comfortable.
You can entertain your customers by giving them catalogues containing different clothing designs to look at. Believe me if your customers see a nice clothing they may be forced to come and sew them. These tricks do work everywhere. You can succeed as a tailor if you follow these simple steps contained in this article.


Many persons do not believe in craft, but they really want money. I carefully researched on this topic because I know how difficult it is finding a job that pays well in the country at the moment.
White collar jobs will not pay you the way a tailoring skill will.

You should learn tailoring skill if you do not have one already. I have seen a lecturer learning how to sew because he knows what he will save if he can be the one to be sewing clothes for his children and even his friends.
Tailoring job is very outstanding and lucrative and I would advise any young person that is not yet working to go for it and watch his/her life change from broke to rich.
With love!!!!!!!!!!
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