How To Improve The Charging Speed Of Your Mobile Phone That You’re Using For Business

improve the charging speed of your mobile phone

Many of us usually face difficulties when charging our mobile devices whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. Sometimes you have limited time to charge your mobile phone because of some unavoidable circumstances but the charging speed of your device makes you sick.

Sometimes because of power failure in your house or office, you tend to have little time to charge, and when you finally charge the charging speed does not satisfy you. At times you may plug in your charger on your car only to realize that the phone you were charging was charging but at a very slow rate.

All these instances are very annoying and painful. This is usually so especially when you had something important to do with your phone or you were going on a journey that will have you leave your home and be on the road for a long time.

This article is meant to outline and make you know the things you should be doing to speed up the charging speed of your mobile device. I sure believe that after reading this article, you will know why you have been having this issue with your mobile device.

It does not just end on knowing them, but you will know how to fix these issues by yourself without needing the assistance of a technician.

Some screenshots will be used to explain the procedures and how to fix them.

Causes of slow charging of mobile devices and how to fix them

Wrong charger and USB cord

Your mobile device will always continue to charge slowly when you are using the wrong charger to charge it. Every mobile phone has its own recommended charger and it is stressed on the phone’s manual that only specified chargers should be used to charge the phone. I know some persons like to borrow a charger from their friends, but this is not advisable as each device has a charger that is made solely for it.

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The low voltage of the power source

Your mobile device s likely going to charge slowly when you are charging it in a low AC unit. This is because on every mobile phone charger the manufacturers always specify the voltage range at which the charger will operate very well without issues. So to avoid your charger being slow, you have to follow this instruction so that you do no spoil you charger or destroy your phone’s battery.

Using the device while charging it

To optimize your mobile phone’s charging capability and expand lifespan, it is advised that you do not use the phone while charging it except when you have an important call to answer. The mobile phone’s screen is one of the major parts of the mobile phone that consumes the most power.

So when charging your mobile phone you should forget about using it that moment so that it can charge with full speed. You will realize that your phone needs time to charge well without interruption when you now unplug the phone to use and then come to the realization that your battery life has increased from what it used to be previously.

Switch to Airplane mode

This is one of the best ways to improve the mobile phone’s charging speed. When in Airplane mode, your mobile phone will charge very fast because the network connections have been turned off and no applications are running.

This method is very good because you will not be receiving calls or having notifications coming in from your social media applications.

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Airplane mode is very easy to set. Just navigate to where you have the setting icon,


Just toggle and put your mobile phone in Airplane mode then it will charge very fast

Switch to Battery-saving mode

Battery saving mode is available in all android devices, this mode reserves your mobile phone’s battery and automatically reduces the brightness of the phone’s screen. It reduces the rate at which your mobile device works thereby conserving battery power.

Battery-saving mode helps to speed up your phone’s battery charging rate.

To set it up, you can just tab on the Settings icon, SETINGS>BATTERY>BATTERY-SAVING.

Just toggle the battery saver and put your mobile phone in Battery-saving mode then it will charge faster than you thought.

Turn off unnecessary features

To really improve the charging speed of your mobile device (smartphones, pads, phablets etc ), you need to turn off some applications that you are not using at the moment. By doing this, you are creating room for the phone’s memory to be freed.

To turn off applications,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Applications > Application manager.
  2. Select and touch the app you want to turn off. Then, touch DISABLE.

That was simple right?! Kindly share with friends 😉

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