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Infertility has been a major problem many marriage face these days, Sometimes the blames are transferred to the wives and sometimes they are being transferred to the husbands.
We all know that it is God that provide for children but there are other underlying causes of infertility that affect marriages and sometimes do cause breakups.
A man who is unable to make a woman conceive after many years of much efforts is seen to be infertile, while a woman is infertile when she is unable to give birth to a child after many years of efforts too. Infertility has been a problem to many couples and many have consulted doctors to no avail. This post is going to expose you to the many causes of infertility you may not have known as many people do get pregnant after many years of being infertile.

A woman who had a child or conceived in the past and not able to conceive again and not able to have a child again is said to have secondary infertility after making much efforts. A situation where a man has not been able to make a woman pregnant is known as primary infertility while a woman who used to make a woman pregnant but stopped for a long time is known to have secondary infertility.

There are 2 types of infertility.

  • Primary Infertility
  • Secondary infertility


Women infertility has different causes, but if they are taken care of, they can be controlled.
INFECTIONS: Untreated or poorly treated gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, staphylocus, e.t.c can be the cause of infertility
CERVICAL INFECTION: When the cervical passage is being blocked by polyps or thick mucus making semen impassable
ABORTION: When you try to abort a baby by consulting incompetent doctors they can administer drugs that would damage the womb and therefore cause you to be infertile for life.
CONTRAPCEPTIVE PILLS: The use some of contraceptive pill interfere with the production of hormones responsible for pregnancy.
HORMONAL PROBLEMS: Deficiencies of progesterone or short luteal phase leads to wrong implantation of fertilized eggs
ANOVULATION: When ovulation is absent
JUNK FOOD: You are what eat, junk foods are without nutrients and should be avoided.
OLIGOSPERMIA: Low sperm count, motility and morphology.

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