Inspiration Conspiracy Continues!

On October 8, 2015 we had our second Inspiration Conspiracy video hop and it was another screaming success! When I left the first hop group (Genesis) to create the new group (Lazarus), the Genesis group decided to add another host channel to replace me. They very wisely chose Gina Ahrens to join Mike Deakin and PackerDi. The rest of the group stayed the same. Their results weren’t as spectacular as the first hop but that was to be expected. Each channel still saw more growth in less time than ever before!

I decided to add an extra host to future groups so each time I move on to a new group they’ll barely notice it. Heh. The graciously giving and infinitely inspiring Host Channels for the Lazarus group are Cat Hand, Patti Parrish, and Kelly Donovan.

These are the talented hopper channels we had the pleasure of hosting:

Audrea Gustafson  
Cindy Utter 

Since this was the Lazarus group’s first time to hop together, they had the same kind of success that the Genesis group had on their first go round. Each of the channels in the Lazarus group started out with less than 800 subscribers. Within the first 48 hours of the hop, ALL of the hopper (not host) channels in the Lazarus group gained over 100 subscribers, two channels more than doubled in size and two channels got over 1000 views on their hop videos. Amazing!!!

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If you missed the October hop you can watch it here: Inspiration Conspiracy Hop-Paper Bead Flowers

I’ve already created our third hop group, Inspiration Conspiracy-Trinity, and I am extremely excited to be hosting along with Leanne Lafleur, Rachel Doohen and Lindsay Weirich this time! Once again I can’t reveal the names of our hoppers but I can tell you when you’ll find out:

January 14, 2016
1:00 p.m. CST

At that time you can start the hop on my channel or any of the other host channels. You will be treated to a variety of art and craft process videos, each one no longer than 10 minutes so you can hop seamlessly in 1 viewing session. The hop is designed so that each viewer will see the hop videos in the same order no matter where they start. At the end of the hop rotation there will be a link that takes you to another hop group so you can watch all the videos in their rotation.

Since we’ve established that this hop format actually works, it is my desire to see it start duplicating itself. I have more to say about that, a LOT more, but it will have to wait.

I suppose I could leave you with a teaser. My idea is 1 part spider, 1 part Alcoholics Anonymous. and 2 parts starfish.

I know, I practically gave it away.

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