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The rate of infertility  in men is increasing geometrically. 20- 30 percent of married couples are being involved with regard to infertility. One out of every five couples have fertility problems. This trend is increasing because of two reasons: There are many causes of infertility in men, but so many people think that infertility is always something that has to do with the female folks but research has it that males too have fertility problems.

One, there is increased awareness concerning the problem. Secondly, there are more problems which occurs inside the body that are related to technology. They are:

1: Environmental hazards
2: Stress
3: Work Hazards
4: Demographic factor


In our environments, being exposed to many harmful chemicals, gases and other pollutants can make our sperm ineffective and causes infertility in men. For instance, excessive use of alternative energy leads to the release of hydrocarbons, with far-reaching consequences on the production of sperms and ovulation in women. These days, almost every home has a generator set, which releases carbon monoxide whenever they are turned on. In commercial cities, where the population of people is high and automobiles are found everywhere, the toxins released to the atmosphere gets to the body when inhaled and is harmful to the body system and can become causes of infertility in men.


Stress is a major problem that is causing infertility. It can be physical, emotional,and psychological stress. This can be attributed to the kind of work/ job we do as a working class or getting ourselves involved in difficult tasks. When we don’t have enough rest for the body to recover well after many activities. It affects our nervous coordination.

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This usually occur when a person is broke, there is conflict in the brain. This usually triggers the stress gland. In women, when there is too much pressure on the adrenal gland, it will affect the ovary. In men, stress is known to reduce sperm production by 15%. It destroys the spermatozoa. All these far-reaching consequences on a center in the brain called hypothalamus- the center that controls some of the reproductive functions.


In the past, most women got married at the age of 24 or even below that. Today, women are getting married in their late 20s, say 28 or 29 years. The same applies to the male folks. At this age, the reproductive function is declining rapidly. Based on statistics, someone who is between 16 and 21 years of age has the fertility rate of about 75%. By the time you get to age 40, it might have reduced to 8%.

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