Legit ways you can start making money online from home

how to make money online

Have you ever thought of making money online? if so then you are not alone. Making money online has become easier and easier to people who have the technological know how and ways to apply them. To make money online, you need some efforts and time to actualize that financial freedom you crave for yourself. You can begin making money online the very moment you decide that you can make it, but it is not a one day thing for most of the available opportunities

Money is not that easy to come by these days so many people have resorted to using any available means to get money in a legit way.

We all have needs and wants so making money online is a very good idea when thinking about what to do and earn some money each day that passes.

The list of things to do and make money online is endless, but in this post we are going to discuss a few of them which we found out to be worth explaining and giving out to the public to read.

They include:

Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is just to manage the affairs of a business in terms of communication and attending to customers. What a virtual assistant needs is just,

  • A personal computer
  • Headset or cellphone
  • Good communication skills
  • Flexible schedule

A virtual assistant’s job is not that hard, because you will have to agree with your employer on when you will be free to work and on his own part will agree on what commission to pay you in return.

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Sell or rent your old belongings

You can always make money selling off or renting your belongings that you no longer use. This will add more money to your wallet rather than keep them there for nothing. We understand they might lose value, but you meet someone that makes a better bid and then sell or rent them if you want to use them again.

Sell your old textbooks

After graduation, you might not be able to get a job immediately. The best thing to do is just to sell some of your old textbooks that you don’t think will be relevant again. To sell them you can place them on free advertising websites and make sales. Social media can still help you out with that.


Are you a web designer, programmer, writer, graphic designer etc. You can make money online by selling these skills online to people who need them.

One of the largest platform is Fiverr. You get paid for doing a particular task for a client. Fiverr is worldwide and very good to use, all you need to do is to sign up for it and create a profile and nice gig saying what you do. As a starter you will earn not less than $5 for each job, but as time goes on you will be paid higher.

Creating and Uploading Youtube Videos

Creating a YouTube channel and publishing tutorials on ideas you have can be a very good way of making money online. Videos on YouTube are very wonderful and people watch YouTube videos everyday.

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To monetize your YouTube channel you need to apply for Adsense for YouTube and when it is approved, you can be paid per impression you create with your videos.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is another legit way of making money online. If you are passionate about something that you want to share with the world, you need to consider owning a blog and publishing your articles. Blogs are usually monetize with different methods like Google Adsense, media.net, taboola, propellerads etc. You can also monetize with sponsored ads.

Download money making apps

You can make money online by downloading some money making mobile applications like NNU or by signing up for empowr, NNU, smoke.io etc.

This platforms pay money for some tasks that you are asked to perform. Some tasks may include reading news, publishing articles, posting DIY arts and other things.

Forex Trading

You can earn money online by learning how to trade. Forex also known as (Foreign exchange) is a good way to make money and is very easy to learn. You can start trading with your smartphone once you know the basics of trading foreign currencies. Forex is often risky if you do not pass through the right tutelage, so it is advised that you make sure that your coach teaches you on when to trade and when you do not.

Teach Online

You can be an online teacher if you have the skills of a teacher or if there is a subject you know and want to transfer the knowledge to others. YouTube is another great way of teaching people things online.

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Selling of E-books

So many people prefer reading soft copy materials to reading hard copy books. If you are a publisher and want to earn from your books, you can begin publishing them as e-books and sell them online to interested buyers.

There are many opportunities open on the internet that you can make money online while staying at home, you need to source for a better option and start making money today

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