Different ways to monetize your blog and earn money

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You might have searched the web for how you can start earning money from your blog, or you came across this post and it was just there to answer the question that has been bothering you which is:

”How to monetize your blog and earn money”

Look no more for we are here to provide you with the necessary guides on how you can monetize your blog and earn money from it.

The aim of many bloggers is always to blog and make money from their blog. It’s and excellent idea to blog and make money, but you need to put in the efforts to get the money you desire.

Before monetizing your blog, you need to prepare it very well, you need to build email lists, run promotional adverts on Google, Facebook or other platforms, write great and wonderful contents that would drive traffic to your blog.

Monetizing your blog is not an easy task, but you need to know that with the right steps you can start earning money from your blog without much stress. You need to do the right things, fix some things up and then continue publishing on your blog.

If your plan is to make money blogging, you need to start from day one to monetize it with different paying monetizing techniques that are available.

The available monetization methods available for starter bloggers include:

  • Affiliate marketing- This is the process of promoting another person’s product on your website and then earn a commission when someone visits your website and click the link to the advertised product.
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  • Direct selling- Direct selling is when you make money blogging by selling products that belong to you. They might be physical products, digital products or services. example is a web designer placing a banner advert on his blog advertising his skill.
  • Advertising(Selling ad space)- This is when you create space on your site for interested persons to come and place their ads on your blog.

There are other methods of making money from your blog, they all have their pros and cons, and some of them accept only publishers from some countries while some accept publishers that have a certain number of traffic on their blog.

Ways to make money from your blog

Google Adsense:

This is one of the most popular means of monetizing a blog in the world. It is owned by Google LLC. Google let publishers earn by placing targeted ads on their blogs. Google Adsense publishers get paid per click (PPC). Adsense is available to every blogger as far as you do not go against their terms and conditions of service.

Media.net ads network:

This is the second most popular ads network owned by Bing and Yahoo. They display contextual ads that blend with the publishers contents. Media.net ads require that their publishers must have traffic from the 1st tier countries which are Canada, United States of Ameriaca and United Kingdom.


Clickbank is an online retailer that has over 200 million customers, and pays their advertisers through commissions that vary according to the type of product you are promoting. Clickbank delivers digital lifestyle products to over 190 countries.

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Peerfly was launched in 2009 by Chad French. The team is made of only 15 persons and this is unique about them so the clients do not have to pass through layers of staffs to get their service. They sell both digital and physical products and the commission vary by merchant.


Shareasale was launched in 17 years ago as an affiliate marketing network. The they receive accolade because of their speed, efficiency and accuracy which is unique about them. They provide customers with an advanced affiliate marketing platform and sells physical products and the commission vary by merchant.

Amazon Associates

This is so far the number 1 online retailer in the world. The benefits is that people like to shop on amazon and it is very good at converting people. Participation in amazon affiliate program is very easy. It sales all kinds of products and commission ranges from 1%- 10% of product price. With Amazon, you can make money blogging as your audience will generate your revenue each time they buy from amazon with your link and banner ads.


To make it in any affiliate program and make money blogging, you need to target the right audience. Let your blog post target people who will be interested in the advertisement that appears on your blog. If this is not done, then the sole aim of applying for an affiliate program is useless.

If Google Adsense does not accept you into the program that first time, you need to go and review your blog, write a good Privacy Policy, About Us page, and good Contact page. You can also apply for media.net ads as it pays well too. Having a good blog and having to make money blogging is a nice thing every blogger wants.

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