Meaningful Beauty Looks Shady To Me

Influenster sent me a free sample of Creme de Serum, the anti-aging serum that is part of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty product line.

My first impression wasn’t good. The plastic packaging is cheap and cheesy. However, after using the product for a couple of days I thought maybe I had judged it too harshly. I haven’t used it long enough to form an opinion about its anti-aging capabilities but it seemed to be a decent night cream.

I visited the Meaningful Beauty website to see how much the product cost, thinking maybe they used cheap packaging on purpose to keep the price low.

I found that you can’t even buy the Creme de Serum by itself. It’s just one of the 5 products in the Meaningful Beauty kit.

It doesn’t do anyone any good for me to review a product that no one can buy. I can’t endorse the 5-piece kit based on the performance of 1 product. I did a video review and was honest about how I felt:

I went to the Influenster website to post my review and found another one where the reviewer liked the product but felt it was too expensive. On the Meaningful Beauty website their 30-day kit costs around $40. This is very reasonable for 5 skin care products so I was confused as to why that other reviewer felt it was expensive.

A couple of Google searches later I discovered that it is possible to buy the individual components of the Meaningful  Beauty kit on Amazon. The price for the serum alone ranged from $25-$40…almost the price of the entire 5-piece kit!

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Something wasn’t right. On the Meaningful Beauty website you can request a live chat with a representative so I did that. Here is our conversation:

Jessica: Hello! How may I help you today?

You: Are your products available to buy individually or only in a kit?

Jessica: Thank you for visiting Meaningful Beauty! I would be happy to provide you with information regarding our products.
Jessica: Let’s move this chat and make it a window of its own. That way, you’ll still see this web page while we chat. Please click ‘Move The Chat’ to move it now.

Jessica: Thank you for moving the chat.
Jessica: Regarding on your question, our producsts are available by kit.
Jessica: They our designed to work together for best results.
Jessica: To ensure that I provide you the most accurate information, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

You: Why do you sell them individually on Amazon? I’m confused.

Jessica: I’m sorry to inform you that we don’t have enough information about offers available at Amazon.
Jessica: I’m able to assist with the information about the products availbale at the Meaningful Beauty website.

You: You’ve answered my question, thank you.

Jessica: We have two kit options to choose from. May I ask if would you prefer the 7-piece Deluxe System or the 5-piece Advanced System?

You: Neither. I’m good. Thanks.

Jessica: I understand you’d like to make the best decision possible. May I ask what concerns do you have about ordering today?
Jessica: I’m still here for you. Can I answer any questions you have?
Jessica: Are you still with me?

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You: Yes. Your kit is available for around $40 which seems to be a fairly good value. But your products are not available individually so when I run out serum I would have to buy a whole new kit…

 **I had more questions such as, how can you not have information about the offers at Amazon when they’re you’re products? They’re either coming from you or from someone you sold them to. Why did you tell me they’re not sold individually when clearly they are…just not from your website? Why is the price so much higher there? Etc. Jessica is obviously an experienced telemarketer. I failed to realize that at this point I had already given her my 3 no’s so our conversation was over.**

Jessica: I completely understand. You always have the opportunity to try more products when you are ready. However, please take note that prices and promotions are subject to change anytime.
Jessica: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Jessica: I’m still here for you. Can I answer any questions you have?

You: Uh, no, we’re good. Thanks for your help.

Jessica: Thank you for visiting us today. It has been a pleasure assisting you. Have a great day. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bottom line: I would recommend you steer clear of Meaningful Beauty products.

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