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Ten skills you need to have as an entrepreneur

Ten skills you need to have as an entrepreneur

1. Curiosity. Great entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems, unveil potential niche opportunities, refactor their original business process, and innovate. This is possible on loving the different fields of study and business cases outside of one’s comfort zone. 2. Time management. Prioritized planning, defining milestones, execution, and iteration are all very important. Each of that would

why you should do digital marketing


Social media marketing as the term implies is the form of marketing which allows entrepreneurs to reach out to the world and market their products and services through the several social media platforms that we use to communicate with our friends and family members. These social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Behance, Dribbble,

unicaf scholarship

UNICAF Scholarship: What You Need To Know

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme was established to offer gifted students the opportunity of advancing their education by studying towards a UNICAF University Degree. The UNICAF Scholarship Programme is one of the most generous scholarship programmes available for students and provides opportunities for studies towards undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from UNICAF University at a much lower

how to keep your man

How to keep your man from looking out

A lot of marriages have been broken because of infidelity caused by the women’s inability to get the right information on how to keep their man and have their attention all the time. Marriage is a lifetime relationship between two people of the opposite sex and was meant to be mutual with each other having