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This blog post is to give you an insight on good agriculture business we have in Nigeria and Africa at large. As much as possible.

The best way to get started in agro-business is to find and learn from people who were already involved in it from a long time.

There are so many reasons every young entrepreneur wishing to make money should look into agriculture. There are lots of opportunities in the agricultural sector and more people are starting to see that, especially young people.

Poultry Farming – Broilers

The demand for poultry products is on the rise everyday as people tend to prefer chicken to other sources of meat in some places. Chicken meat is a very good source of protein and is a good way to make great income from starting a poultry farm. Starting a poultry farm is not a very hard enterprise, but it requires seriousness as chickens are prone to get infected by diseases if not properly cared for. The good thing about broilers is that they do not take much time to mature and sold out.

The bulk of your expenditure should go on feeds for the chicks for the period of 3 months. At maturity, a chicken can be sold for between N2,000 and N3,000. If only 35 of your chicks survived till maturity, you can sale and make up to N70,000 after selling them.

Poultry farming – Layers breeding

In layers breed you are actually breeding the chickens with the major aim of having them lay eggs for you. It usually requires more time and costs a bit more money for this business to succeed but here is the good part of it: it provides you with two major sources of revenue. You sell the eggs every time when they lay, which is very lucrative anytime, and when the layers grow and become weak, you sell them as well to people to eat as meat.

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Poultry Feed Production

This is another good agriculture investment:  poultry feeds , therefore it is a good agriculture business ideas .

You could begin feed production and supply feeds to all the poultry farms around your area. Feeds is a major way to make money in poultry business because for the chicken to grow fast they need to eat feeds a lot.

Feed production requires that you have a lot of knowledge about poultry farming and what makes up the feeds they eat. Also, acquiring knowledge from persons who are already in the sector saves you many mistakes over time.

Poultry Farming – Hatcheries

There are many people whose specialty is in hatching day old chicks for poultry farmers who cannot do it by themselves. Because of the demand on poultry farmers to grow more chicken every time, hatcheries are usually booked every day by poultry farmers.

This is one reason more people need to enter into this line of agro-business because in poultry farming, it is rare for one farmer to be involved in all the processes that involve rearing, feed production, hatching etc. Specialization is usually the key to succeed.

Poultry equipment manufacturing

These involves skilled artisans who are good in constructing various equipment required in the poultry farm – welders, carpenters, electricians etc. You can learn the various specifications needed for the poultry equipment and you are in business. Things like the feeders, water cans are made by various artisans and sold.

Fresh vegetables business

To start running this kind of business, you may need to have a small garden in your compound or nearby farm where you can plant the vegetables. For cultivation, you only need to plant the stem of the vegetable. Maturity usually takes 6 weeks or less for the vegetables to mature for harvest. You cut the leaves and sell to consumers and marketers who may need it in large quantity.


The fresh vegetables business is a good agriculture business though it is a small-scale business that you can start with very little or no capital base. One very benefit of this business is that it requires no cost of maintenance to run the business it just needs your time to monitor and weed your garden regularly. Also, there is always demand for fresh leafy vegetables like; the Waterleaf, Scent Leaf, Pumpkin leaf and Scent leaf and Green.

Catfish Farming

Catfish is a very good type of fish that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in managing the human cholesterol levels.

The many health benefits of this kind of fish makes its demand high among people that crave for healthy fish especially people that are aging. Hotels, restaurants, fast food joints, barbeque joints, food courts (shopping malls), local pepper soup joints, market women, secondary and tertiary institution of learning and offices are possible markets for any entrepreneur venturing into catfish farming in Nigeria.

The profitability of catfish farming depends on how much you are willing to invest as an entrepreneur, to be trained, you need to intern with a farmer to see things first hand with your own eyes so you don’t make mistakes when you venture into it with your own money.

Snail farming

Snail farming is definitely another good agriculture business that so many entrepreneurs neglect but it is among one good agriculture investment idea . You can look for little snails either from villages or from snail farms; rear the small snails for a given period and then sell them for profits. Snails are a good source of protein and is often bought by people in towns who do not have access to them.

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Pig Farming Business

Pork is a good source of protein and fats, and is consumed a lot. Pig farming business requires you to have enough capital at your disposal, you can go into a pig farming business and make profits within a short period and make profits as they grow fast. You can start with as little as 10- 15 pigs and grow your farm into a large farm because pigs are known to multiply rapidly.

It usually takes about 4-6 months for pigs to become matured, and can be sold for as high as N30,000 each.

Farming Equipment Leasing Business

If you have much money at your disposal, you can purchase mechanized farming equipment and lease to farmers for a daily fee as it is a good agriculture business. Many of the farming equipment that we have on high demand are tractor and harvesting machines.

farming equipment

Palm Oil Business

Palm oil is one of the most required product used to prepare almost all Nigerian delicacies, thus, there is a high demand for palm oil all year round and this makes palm oil business among the good agriculture business we have. You can either start a small-scale oil processing business or purchase the oil in drums and resell for a higher price.

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