Some Important Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

question to ask your partner

When thinking about finding a lover, getting married and settling down, some people forget about the outcome of marriage. Divorce is usually an unfortunate happenings that occur in many relationships. Even though divorce happens to some persons, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid it in your own marriage. There is always a way to avoid marriage problems and live a very happy life with your wife and fulfill that sole aim of staying together till death.

You may think that all marriages might have started from the partners having a very close discussion before finally making up their minds to get married, you will be shocked that so many issues are swept under the carpet and ignored during the marriage plans. Asking your partner the right questions when you have not yet tighten the knot will help you avoid divorce in your marriage.

Here are some questions to ask your partner before you get proceed to getting married, because an uncomfortable conversation now can save you so much problems later in life.

1. What Are Your Financial Goals?

Firstly, you need to discuss about financial status and goals of your partner, because money is often a big cause of problems in relationships. Being on the same page about money is very important during your early stage of relationship. You need to know what your partner has in mind financially. Get to know about investments, loans, jobs and other things that will be of advantage to both of you so you don’t have a reason to ask your partner why he’s owing or not paying bills.

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2. How Can I Help You When You’re Stressed?

Another thing that is very important in a relationship is knowing how you can help you partner when they are down and stressed. Some persons need reassurance, others need space, others need a pep talk—every body is different.

Establishing what you need when down before getting married means you and your partner are able to help each other and cope with stress as it arises with time.

3. How Much Alone Time Do You Need?

Knowing when your partner wants to be alone is important. It is something every body needs to survive. Sometimes your partner might want to be alone so you need to know that it is a normal thing, rather than thinking that they are upset, withdrawn or resentful. Just know that it will prevent confusion in the future.

4. What Are Your Deal-Breakers?

Every person has a deal breaker, it may be about religion, tradition, where you want to live, carreer goals, projects, how you want your children and others. Deal breakers may be different, but if your deal-breakers fit together, your marriage has a very stronger chance of survival. So know what your partner wants out of the marriage and be sure you like them too before jumping into marriage.

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5. What’s Your Biggest Fear?

It may not be an easy question to ask your partner, Marriage is all about understanding, and not just understanding your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Marriage is also about understanding fears, regrets, and struggles. Make sure that you are asking the tough questions and your marriage will have a much deeper level of understanding.

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6. What Does Marriage Mean to You?

There is no guaranteed method to divorce-proof your marriage, Marriage doesn’t mean the same thing to every body.  Some people think it’s a legal agreement some think it is a very complicated union. Talking about your expectations can make sure that neither of you has needs or expectations that aren’t being met—you can feel like you’re approaching it together.

Having conversations before you get married on these big issues and making sure that your needs, wants, and expectations all line up can ensure you’re going into married life on the strongest possible foot. When in doubt, communicate—ask questions, listen, and discuss. It’s the shortest path through any obstacle.

7. Do You Want Children and What if We Struggle to Have Them?

Yeah, you need to ask your partner this question. Ask to know if your partner wants kids, if kids are the main reason you are getting married. Also ask to know what your partner would do if you never had a child so easily or you had an issue getting pregnant.

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