How to avoid getting pregnant when you are not ready

how to avoid getting pregnant

Many sexually active people try to avoid pregnancy because they are not ready to look after a baby. Most avoid getting pregnant because they are not married and mature enough to take care for a baby. However, trying to avoid getting pregnant usually come with thoughts of contraceptives that are available in drug stores. Moreover, the best way to avoid getting pregnant is abstaining from sex until when you are ready to start a family (have a baby).


Abstinence also is effective in protecting against pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

This involves avoiding any form of penetrative sex. Many avoid any sexual contact including hugging, and kissing. The advantages of abstinence are so many. Abstinence is free and available for all. It is also the most effective way of preventing pregnancy and infections. It also encourages partners to build their relationship in other ways.

Birth control pills

There are two types of birth control pills : Combined oral contraceptives pills and progestin-only pills.

Combined birth control pills

Combined birth control pills contains two hormones, an estrogen and a progestin. They are good at stopping ovulation (the release of an egg) and by inhibiting the movement of sperm.

Complete information on this method of preventing pregnancy is usually available by the physician or the insert that comes with the specific pills.

For an increased protection, the use of condoms is usually adviced.

Birth control pills are very good because they reduces menstrual cramps pain and blood loss.

Progestin-only pills

Progestin-only pills contain only one hormone, a progestin. They usually work by causing the cervical mucus to be thicker so that the sperm cannot get to the egg. This helps in preventing pregnancy because the sperm doesn’t meet the egg for fertilization to occur.

Cervical cap

The cervical cap is a small cap made of soft latex. The cervical cap is being placed in cervix with spermicide gel on it. The cervical cap is placed in a way that sperm cannot enter the uterus (womb).


Fertility awareness method is a way of knowing a woman’s reproductive cycle by checking and writing down fertility signs that show up. The signs tells whether or not she can get pregnant on a given time. A woman is actually fertile during only about a fourth of her cycle. This method is a good way for a woman to learn and understand more about her system, but it is not recommended for teenagers.

What are the three primary fertility signs?  

  • A woman’s temperature when she first wakes up
  • Her cervical fluid (the fluid at the mouth of a woman’s womb)
  • The position of her cervix.

The fertility awareness method allows a woman to use this information so that she may avoid sexual intercourse when she is most fertile. The failure rate among women who use this method perfectly is two to three percent; while the failure rate among most women who use this method is 13 to 20 percent.


The fertility awareness or symptothermal method allows a woman keep track and improve PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms.
It empowers women with practical information.
These method helps a woman know when  to have sex to become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy, depending on her goal.
It is useful in conjunction with other contraceptive methods, such as barrier contraceptives (such as condoms) and withdrawal.


This method does not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
The method involves daily charting of fertility signs.
It requires discipline for a number of days in the cycle if a woman chooses to avoid sex rather than use a barrier contraceptive during her fertile days.
As a contraceptive, this method requires proper use. If a woman has sex when this method tells her to abstain, she will become pregnant.
Abstinence is required at the time in a woman’s cycle when her sexual urge is usually at its peak.WHERE DO I GO TO

Some doctors and some family planning clinics can help you learn more.

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