What you should know about social networking

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Have you ever asked yourself whether you should have a social networking account at all? Social networking account may help you meet people you would not have met if you were not networking.

Just as a car can be wrecked if driven carelessly, your life can also be at risk if you do not take precautions when using social media.

Social networking helps businesses grow and this is one of the reasons why people join them.

Some people make getting more friends a major goal in social media, and may add up people they do not even know. A social media allows you to reconnect with people you lost contact with and sometimes those people are best left in your past.

What to consider before joining social media.

1. Privacy: Many people do not understand the consequences of putting up too many information online. Indicating where they live, where they school or when they are at home. This would compromise the safety of the family. Every social media user should be cautious before giving out some information. Strive to instill wisdom and thinking ability with regards to online safety.

2. Time: Social networking can be addictive. Some people spend the whole day online, going through pictures, videos and posts. Not all pictures are supposed to be looked at same way not all videos are meant for you. You need to time yourself.

3. Friendships: Many people want to be perceived as being popular, so they will be willing to accept friendship request from almost anybody, both principled and non principled people.

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You should set a friending policy for yourself, may be you can be accepting friendship request from people you know only. This will guard against meeting the wrong set of people.

Since you can’t just pick up a stranger while driving because you don’t know them then you should not accept all friend requests.

4. Reputation: The good or bad things people do shows what they are like- Bible proverb.

That’s very true. So in a public media people can do whatever they like and that represents who they are in reality.

You need to be cautious of what you post online. Don’t say anything to anyone because you can’t see them. The world revolves and you may meet them someday in your life.

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