How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria

starting a laundry service

Do you want to start laundry business? It is easy. Laundry business is a very lucrative business that many people do not know. It involves washing and ironing clothes for people for money. Many persons do not have the time to do their laundry by themselves and prefer giving their clothes to dry cleaners whose main job is just to collect these clothes, wash, starch, iron and package them for the owners. Different types of clothes have different amount attached to them.

What is laundry

Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles. Laundry processes are often done in a room reserved for that purpose; in an individual home this is referred to as a laundry room or utility room.

Credit Definition: Wikipedia

How to start a laundry business in NigeriaFor a number of years now laundry has been a means of survival for so many Nigerians, you too can start up a laundry business and make money of your own.

Before you start a laundry business there are things you need to consider first before opening your shop for business.

Things to do before starting a laundry business

Go for training in a reputable laundry shop

You need to undergo training with a professional laundry service provider before starting your own laundry service. By doing so you will be exposed to how a laundry business is being carried out.

Training helps keep you on the know, it allows you know how so many things are being done.

Some laundry service provider may charge you while some may want you to work for them for a stipulated time while they train you in the business field.

Register your laundry business

Registration of businesses in Nigeria is very important as your business gets to be known by the government. When your business is registered you will have every legal right over your enterprise.

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Laundry business is no exception when registering business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Select a good location for your laundry shop

Another important thing to do is to select a very good location for your shop. You do not have to situate your shop in an enclosed area where few people stay. Your shop needs to be located in a place where people can find you and give you clothes to wash and iron for them. In laundry business the location is one major factor to consider knowing that it influences your earnings.

A good location for a laundry shop can be near an estate or in a busy environment where people can notice that a laundry shop is being operated there. You also have to market your business through word of mouth to family and friends.

Purchase dry cleaning equipment and resources

Dry cleaning equipment and resources include what you will be using to wash and iron clothes.

The following equipment will be needed to start a medium scale laundry business

  • 12-15kg Washing machine
  • Drying machine
  • 6.5 KVA Generator
  • Irons (Dry and steam iron)
  • Ironing board (A good table can be constructed specially for this purpose)
  • Drying racks
  • Packaging waterproofs
  • Washing supplies (Detergent, bleach, stain removers)
  • Others (tagging gun, hangars, buckets, brushes, etc)

You may not have enough money to purchase a washing machine at the beginning of your business, but you should make plans for it as washing machine reduces stress and makes washing fun and interesting. With a washing machine you can wash a good number of clothes at a time.

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Market or promote your laundry business

You can promote your laundry business using different methods from word of mouth, business cards, flyers and even radio and television advert placement. Promotion is said to be the way in which a company communicates with its customers and a laundry service is no exception.

You as a laundry personnel need to communicate with people and convince them to wash their clothes with you. You can do promos also to get their attention.

Look for the services of a good graphics designer and place your banners at junctions where a good number of people can see them and come to you. Place your handbills in supermarkets and public places where people can easily pick them up

Provide other services

As a laundry service provider, you can step up your earning if you provide additional services like carpet cleaning, stain removal, home services and stitching of torn clothes. These will increase the number of customers you get to your laundry shop.


  • Clothes usually get burnt if not ironed properly so you need to be extra careful with them.
  • Some persons clothe may get missing and you should always get ready for these circumstances.
  • Some days when the sun does not shine may force you to deliver people’s clothes at the wrong time
  • Not all customers would want to pay the stipulated amount especially when they have been washing with you for a long time (debts)
  • Lack of good and trained staffs
  • Bad power supply in the country
  • Building your own customer base
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How do I promote and monetize my laundry business online

Numerous of ways to promote your online business but i choose Google Adword

Register for Google Adword

What are Google AdWords:

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

Definition Credit:Wikipedia

I think it explain itself with google AdWords you get to know your clients and make much customers as a graphic design.

There are many ways to monetize your laundry business website in Nigeria but out of millions I choose one which is Google AdSense as it remains the high and best paying Ad network for publishers

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Definition credit: Wikipedia

After creating a laundry business website write and publish an original post content on your blog and apply for Google AdSense and you get approved in space of two days because it remains the best paying Ad network in the world.

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