This is how I shop for groceries.

Monday: I really needed to get groceries today but I had to film a quick video for Daddy Van’s since it’s already overdue. I thought I might get groceries afterwards but it ended up taking all dang day. I’ll make the grocery list so I can get them tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment. 

(Didn’t make the list.)

Tuesday: I had to fast for bloodwork this morning so naturally I got a headache. By the afternoon it had turned into a migraine so I laid down for a few minutes then fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours later and still had the migraine. Since I won’t be going to bed early I’ll make the grocery list so that I’ll be ready to get groceries tomorrow morning.

(Didn’t make the list. Again.)

Wednesday: I need to get groceries today but I should pay bills first. That didn’t take long. I noticed that my Tom’s were looking pretty yucky so I decided to wash them. I promised myself I would NOT use the excuse of wet shoes to get out of grocery shopping, that would be immature. I could just wear tennis shoes. Then I saw it was awfully cloudy outside and sure enough, there’s 80% chance of rain. I am NOT buying groceries in the rain. Been there, done that, it’s miserable. I’ll make the list and get groceries tomorrow for sure.

(Still didn’t make the list.)

Thursday: Okay, Thursday isn’t even here yet but I just remembered it’s mine and Jayson’s anniversary. I can’t possibly buy groceries on our anniversary. We don’t have any big anniversary plans but still, it’s a day to celebrate, not buy groceries. I’ll get them on Friday so that we’ll have a full fridge for the weekend.

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Friday: Friday isn’t here yet but Friday is Funday. It sets the tone for the whole weekend. Grocery shopping isn’t fun so I shouldn’t ruin my Funday, and potentially my entire weekend, with it. We’ll just order pizza and get groceries sometime over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday: Since we don’t pay for electricity on the weekends I’ve got to get all the laundry done before Monday. If I go to the grocery store I’ll get distracted and lose my laundry momentum. I’ll just start the week off right and get groceries on Monday. We can make do one more day with stuff we have on hand. I  think I saw a can of pork and beans and I’m pretty sure the flour canister is full.

Monday: Rinse and repeat.

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