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Are you that person switching between jobs because your employers do not keep you for long? It is obvious you are finding fulfillment asides the fringe benefits that come as a bonafide employee. Your attitude to work and delivery might put you on what you are facing. With this article you will find out ways of keeping your job.

Here is what to do to keep your job:

1. Go to work on time

Always remember that punctuality is the soul of every successful business that you find. When you are at work early, it gives your employer the feeling that you love the job and you are willing to work and grow the business and take it to greater heights.

2. Avoid eye service

Don’t talk about your boss,colleagues or anybody in an ill manner. Do your work always and go home. You were hired to work and not to batter words or gossip.

3. Don’t argue with your boss

He/She is your boss! Learn to be humble and be mindful of your words and the way you respond to queries. This is one tip that allows people to keep their jobs without getting laid off.

4. Follow instructions

Don’t do things without obeying rules and regulations and even instructions. You are an employee so you need to follow instructions that your boss gives if you want to be keeping your job.

5. Stick to the schedule.

Have this at the back of your mind every working day. Follow the order to which duties were arranged. Do not try to do things by yourself without following what your boss might have set in place. This might help you in keeping your job.

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6. Give sincere and diligent service.

Work hard and do your job professionally. Make sure your deliver your best towards the growth of the company.

7. Get along with others.

Try to get along with everybody, even though you can’t expect every person to like you. With this you will not have any problem with your co-workers which may result in you losing your job.

8. Be cheerful and helpful.

Then would you enjoy your work.

9. Don’t look for shortcuts.

Diligence pays in the long run.

10. Take criticism wisely.

They are meant to help you improve and grow. Criticisms will help you to grow and improve on yourself.

11. Don’t be a lazy person

Work hard for your money if you desire to be paid. When you work hard everyday, your boss will not hesitate to pay you for the work done.

12. Do not take your home problems to work

Drop your family problems at home. Leave family and home matters where they belong. And find a way to solve them when you return from work. Your workplace should not be a place where you go to discuss family issues.

13. Take pride in your job

Your job should be something you are proud of because it’s your meal ticket and handwork. Love your job and you will find out that you will be able to keep that job.

14. Don’t envy those ahead of you.

It is very useless to envy others. Envy can make you do terrible things. You need to appreciate others and work on being a better you with time.


15. Offer some free services

Don’t demand reward for every service rendered. You should do some things freely. Life is not all about money. There are some times you need to give out a service without expecting money in return.

16. Share your experience with others.

That way you become an expert.

17. Train your subordinates.

Have people you invested into their lives professionally. Always take time to teach others what you know you are good at. This will make you recommendable because people will always be there to testify about what you can do.

18. Take responsibility for all your actions.

Accept it whenever you make a mistake and don’t blame anyone for your actions.

19. Above all, be honest.

Remember honesty is the best policy. Don’t try to be cunning. Always give account to every financial transaction you make and be straight forward in all your dealings. Your honest living can make your boss to recommend you for a better appointment.

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