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Have you ever thought of the services in Nigeria that actually sell very well during all the seasons in the country?, If so, then this post is going to give you a better insight of the services in Nigeria that actually pay very well.

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What every Nigerian youth at this stage of the economy is to acquire a skill that can be used to render services in Nigeria and make money so that they can make good earnings and live a good life.
Many people have found success rendering services in the country. You need to research for a good service that people often lookout for every time and pay well after service delivery.


  1. PHONE REPAIRS: Phone repairs are very lucrative businesses that fetch so many youth lots of money every day. Over 150,000,000 people use mobile phones here in Nigeria. This means that there are a good number of persons looking out for phone repair shops to fix issues like change of screen, change of batteries, charging ports and other mini issues that mobile phones have been facing every day. Before starting a phone repair business, you need to first undergo under-go training for sometimes to master the skill of phone repair. You also need to choose the type of phones you will be repairing, phone types like Android and Apple phones are the most used phones, and changing a screen of a android phone will earn you at least #5000 for just handwork. You need to buy basic tools like Screw driver, Tweezers, Spurge, Soldering iron, Multi meter, Adhesive tape, Magnifying lamp, Battery tester, LCD Tester and a cleaning brush. When starting up this service, you need to manage your time very well and always be available for your customers as the business is competitive. You need to be friendly and have patience.
  2. GRAPHIC DESIGNS: Graphic design business is no doubt one of the most sought after skills this days. Starting a graphics design business can help you make a good income and make a living from it. Many people require graphic designers to create visual identity for them, and this makes the skill a very important one. Graphic designers create logos, business cards, flyers, banners, illustrations, sign posts and animations for films. You can be a graphics designer and also own your own publishing house for other designers that want to print their works but do not have printers. Graphics design is all about being able to create designs that convey information to the public, so you need to be very creative when starting this business. You do not need a BSC to start up; you can be self-taught through Youtube videos or study in a computer training school that offers special courses. All you need to do is advertise your skill through Google Adwords or on social media platforms or through word of mouth. Let people around you get to know what you do. You can also Signup on FIVERR.
  3. PAINTING: A painting business is a very good source of making money rendering services in Nigeria. This line of business is not hard as some people would think, and it is scalable. All you need to do is learn from professional painters before starting your own painting business. Also make connections with contractors and people building houses and let them know what you do and give you jobs whenever they need painting services.
    A big part of the business is investing on the best equipment like:
    Triangular –load scraper
    Paint scrape
    Steel wood
    Bristle brush
    Wire brush
    Putty knife
    Broad putty knife
    Scrub brush
    Sand paper
    Sanding block
    Caulking gun
    Tubes of caulk
    Masking tape
    Paint guide
    Roller tray and grid
    Brush comb
    Drop cloths
  4. HAIR BARBING: This is one of the most paying services in Nigeria. People cut their hair and shave at barber shop everyday and if you are skilled at what you do the customers will keep coming to you no matter the number of barbershops around. Meanwhile, you must also be available and keep your price low so that your customers will not look for an alternative barbershop. Read on HOW TO START A BARBING SALON
  5. HAIR DRESSING AND MAKEUP: This is another good venture to enter into and make money. Women love make-up especially when they are going out for special events so you can go ahead an learn the craft of make-up and then go ahead and open your make-up studio and start making money from the creativity.
  6. INTERIOR DECORATION: Learning interior decoration is another excellent way of making money in Nigeria. During events you might be called to decorate the events centre and this usually goes for a good sum of money.
  7. COMPUTER REPAIRS: Nowadays so many people own computers, and since computers are man-made, they usually have faults. To make money in a country like ours, it is good to intern in a computer repairs shop for a specific period and know how to repair computers before proceeding to open your own shop and start making your own money.
  8. BEAD MAKING: Learn how to make beads for marriages and earn yourself an income whenever you sell them. This venture is very lucrative as people buy beads for ornamental purposes and for weddings.
  9. PHOTOGRAPHY: As a photographer, there are many opportunities open to getting hired. People need photography services everytime. Events like marriages, funerals, sports, and other memorable events do require photographers. It is your duty as a photographer to try and make your works good and make yourself available anytime you are needed. You also need to improve your skills and get money and buy quality cameras and photo editing softwares and have a good and working personal computer to be editing photos.
  10. POPCORN MAKING: Starting a popcorn business by the roadside is a good business to venture into if you are looking for a way to make money of your own. You need a small capital to buy the corn popping machine then you are good to go. Look for a densely populated place and place your stand. Definitely you will make profits everyday from the business.
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