Legit Ways You Can Make Money Online without Stress This Year

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There are numerous ways one can make money online without stress as freelancer, college student, full-time wife, a worker and among others. The ways to make money online requires little capital that even a college fresher can afford.

The internet has made it possible for every entrepreneur to make money for themselves. Wherever you are in this world as far there’s an internet connection, you can make money online. In this article, we will be discussing legitimate ways to make money online without stress.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online this year

Below is a list of ways to make money online:

  • Publishing Books :

There are online platforms you can publish your books as a creative writer. Okadabooks is a website that has provided that privilege for writers to make money online. Apart from books, short stories, poems or anything which has to do with reading can be published on the site. The essence of this platform (Okadabooks) is to allow creative writers make money online from the books they have published. They make money when people read or download their books.

  • Freelancing:

Freelancing is very easy to start, all you need is to look out for freelancing websites and sign up. Even if you are an entry level freelancer, you can easily make $15-$20.

Freelancing is a sure way to make money online. There are various freelancing websites that are available online. The purpose of these websites is for skilled people to use their skills to make money online. The most sought-after skills that are in demand are digital marketing, website design, content writing, and graphic design etc.

To be successful in freelancing, you must develop your skills very well. These skills sell very well on freelancing sites:

  • WritingCreative content writing, Blogging, script writing, essay writing, or copy-writing.
  • Designing: Illustration, web design, or graphic design, logo design.
  • SEO: All aspects related to SEO.
  • Programming And Development: PHP, Mobile App development, web development and everything between them.
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If you are a creative designer that loves creating awesome designs that people can admire. Then you can market yourself to the world by advertising what you enjoy doing on Printivo. The online store (Printivo) is an online store that allows people to share their designs to potential customers. When a customer buys your design in Printivo, you get 15% from your design.

Best sites for freelance writers:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • 99 Designs
  • Fiverr and more
  • Advertising properties:

People that are involved in the selling of apartment, estate managers, land surveyors and among others can also make money online. You can become an agent by registering yourself as an agent on various properties websites such as Jumia, Jiji, and Tolet etc. when you are done with this, you are on your way to make money online.

  • Blog or Vlog:

There are so many people who are looking for answers to their problems. You can provide evergreen contents that can spin money for you online. Information is a wonderful tool you can use to make money online. The main question you must ask yourself is, how to drive to your site?. The more traffic you have on your blog, the more money you are going to make online. 

After that, you can be making money by applying for Google AdSense, Bing Ads, Affiliated Marketing (Amazon and Clickbank), and even the companies will contact you to place their ads on your site.

You cannot make money from blogging from the very first day, but a little effort with passion will make you rich with time.

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For Vlogging, you can create a Youtube channel in which you can use as a tool for sharing your video contents. Both Blogging and Vlogging depend on one thing which is traffic. Traffic is the lifeline to make money either on blogging or Vlogging.

  • Selling on E-commerce Websites

This is also part of the legit way to make money online. If you are into selling any goods, you can sell your goods or products on Konga, Payporte or Jumia. One of the benefits of selling on these ecommerce websites is your goods get to reach wider buyers.  As a result of this, you sell your goods at a faster rate.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Social media influencers or bloggers can advertise for various companies, products, services and among others. They can also apply for affiliate programs of some top-notch brands such as Jumia and Konga affiliate programs. The more result you get as an affiliate marketer, the more credibility you are going to get and it is easy to make money online.

For example, if you apply for Amazon affiliate program and promote their products on your website, then you will get a specific commission when the visitor from your website you send from your site purchases anything. It is the cheapest and one of the best ways to make money online because you do not have to make products yourself, but definitely, it is not the cheapest.

  • Online Virtual Tutor:

The more you educating others, the more you become an expert in what you know. As a virtual tutor, you can share your knowledge with people online. A Nigerian website such as Tutors NG provides an opportunity for people to make money online from their knowledge by having one-on-one lessons or hosting webinars on various topics.          

  • Online Surveys:
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Online surveys are becoming popular and people are reaping the benefit of getting involved in it. You can try this at your leisure time. Many firms carry research in order to test new products they are about to launch. You make money online by answering questions on the form and returning it to them.

  • Mobile Apps & Websites Testing:

Mobile apps developers, web designers, and programmers are always in search for people to test their new apps. They do this so as to know the likely problems one can face when using their app. You can be opportune to be part of the people who will test the app and you get cool cash from this.