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A lot of graduates are in search of a job in which they can use to pay up bills. Many have been
frustrated in applying for a job due to some requirements from employees such as job experience
and skills etc.
The main thing when applying for a job is consistency and persistence. The more you have a positive
mindset, and then you can be sure of luck which might come your way. We will be explaining how to go about your job search in details.

Tips on how to search of a job and get it within a short period

  • Be active on social media:
    Social media is not only having a conversation with a long time friend or making friends. It can be used for connecting with people, business-minded people, and employers and among others. For instance, LinkedIn is a social media site that people are using in search of a job. One of the ways to do is listing out your background, educational qualifications, and skills etc. The reason for this is to create an eye-catching resume about you to the employee’s eye.
  • Make the right connections:
    There’s the saying, “It’s not what you think you know, but what you know”. The right connection is important in applying for a job. It won’t be a crime to reach out to your friends from your tertiary institutions. From there they can make the right connections for you. When someone refers you to a company, this implies you are 40% hired for the job. That’s why you don’t have to neglect the power of networking.
  • Have a reflection of yourself:
    Most interview questions are still the same. Some questions such as: Why you are interested in the job? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the future like for you in the five years? It
    doesn’t depend on the number of interviews you have attended. If you can answer these questions
    ahead of time before night to your interview, it will boost your confidence during your job interview.
  • Streamline your search for a job:
    You should streamline the companies you have listed out in your job search. This enables you to
    know a company; their area of concentration, the job positions available and relevant facts about the company. This makes your applying for a job easier and more efficient.
  • Consider Timing:
    As a job seeker who by chance finds a job vacancy on the internet, the first thing to consider is
    timing. People that submit their curriculum vitae on Monday stand a better opportunity in the hiring process because hiring decisions of most companies are done on Tuesday. There is a high tendency that the Human resource manager of a company will pay rapt attention to those who apply early. This is why you must submit your CV as fast as you can before more CVs come in.
  • Stay organized:
    It is quite difficult to tell the average number of people in search of a job. This show there are so
    many people compete for the same job positions you want. Several factors determine how long you will search for a job such as your working experience, your skill and your network etc. Your resume or curriculum vitae should be well organized with detailed information such as your position titles, the type of company and referees you have worked with.
  • Go the extra mile:
    Your resume is not the only thing needed in applying for a job. Although, it plays a vital role in telling the employee where you have worked and what you have done. When you need to create an impression with your resume, you show it instead of telling it. The idea of showing it is to prove to a potential employer that you are capable for the job by being creative with your resume.
  • Don’t be nervous:
    This is a behavioral pattern for some people when they are applying for a job. You have to control yourself and take your time in forming an approach for each of the companies that you have in mind. Don’t spend time in search for a job with application letters because you will be worn out.
    Everybody is prone to a job rejection and this is the reason you must spend some leisure time for you to exhume negative energy away from you.
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