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Do you want to buy a used car from someone you do not know? Though the car might be appealing to you at first sight, you have to make some research about the car. You should be very careful before finally agreeing to pay for the used car. Buying a car always comes with some excitement which may make you forget about checking for the necessary things you need to before finalizing payments with the owner.
Before you buy a used car, you need to go with a friend or family member that has the mechanical knowledge about cars than you. This is to guide you to avoiding buying a car that you regret in future.

These are what you should check out for when buying a used car:

The Exterior

Before buying a used car, you have to make sure you thoroughly inspect the exterior of the car for rusts, cracks and other wear and tear that may have occurred when the previous user was with it. You need to go with a mechanic that is your friend, a relative or friend. Do not go alone to buy a used car as some resellers may be so crafty to making you buy what will give you serious trouble repairing.
Check the paint to know if the car has been sprayed previously, ask to know if the car was involved in any crash if you notice changes in the parts like fender wheels and bumpers.
Check the tires and wheels to know if they are the right fit for the car. READ How to sell anything online

Though the interior might look good, there are some elements you still need to check when buying a used car. Check the upholstery for dents, stains and wear. Check the odometer to know the actual mileage the car has been driven, an average driver drives 10000 miles to 15000 miles per year.
You also need to turn on the engine while you are inside, turn the Air conditioner on and see if they are still working. You also need to do this for the heater.

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What is Beneath?

Though going through this process looks somehow, but you are trying to make sure you are paying for the right car. You need to go under the car you are buying to check for cracks, bends or signs that some stuff has been replaced after a crash. Check that the hoses and belts are not cracked or bent
The Engine
There should not be any evidence of corrosion or leaks around the battery or engine. Take a look under the oil filler cap, a foamy residue means that the head casket is leaking and are expensive to fix. Check the oil and the transmission fluid: the oil needs to be clear to light brown colour, and the transmission fluid red or pink. Finally check the timing belt for excessive looseness or cracks.

The Interior

You need to now take the car for a test drive after being satisfied with the physical inspection of the car. This aspect requires you to be very alert and conscious to notice any slight thing that must have gone wrong in the car.
This is when you listen and feel how the car runs, whether it is automatic or standard, there should be no jerks or bumps when shifting through gears. That could be a transmission problem which is often very expensive to fix.
Pay rapt attention to the steering wheel for and vibrations which may mean a mechanical issues at the front end.

Go online

You then need to go online and confirm the VIN of the vehicle, Ask the seller for it, though some manufacturers place it in different places in the car. Carfax offers this service online so it is not hard to find the VIN of the vehicle.
Check for reviews that people have made concerning the car you want to buy.

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Do not be in a haste when you want to buy a used vehicle, make sure that you check for so many things in the car and confirm that the car is in very good condition so that you do not come to make repairs that may overwhelm the price of the car.

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