Why you should not watch Big Brother Naija

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Big Brother Naija is a reality show in which contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100000 at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted by viewers.

First episode date: 5 March 2006

Program creator: Endemol

Number of seasons: 1

Networks: DStv, Africa Magic, M-Net

Nominations: Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Lead Role In TV

Awards: Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best TV Show of the Year

In this post I will be outlining why you should not watch big brother naija or advise anyone to watch the Big Brother Nigeria TV Show.

Organisers of reality show Big Brother Naija has announced that the show’s fourth edition will be extended by one extra week taking the new season to 99 days in total.

For this edition, the housemates bound for BBNaija household-name stardom include Seyi, Esther, Ella, Frodd, Omashola, Avala, Khafi, Ike, Tuoyo, Kimoprah, Isilomo, Jackye, Khafi, Nelson, Sir Dee, Thelma, Gedoni, Diane, Mercy, Tacha, Mike and Jeff. 

Reasons you should not watch Big Brother Naija

  1. If you are a kind of person that does not go well with haters, and negative feedback and gossip and trolling, you should not watch the big brother naija, pepper dem reality show because you will be vexed by what so many people will be talking on social media about your favourite housemate. Even your friends that hate them will talk to your face and you will fell bad.. 
  2. It will be a total waste of time and money subscribing your decoder just to watch adults stay in an apartment for 3 months plus without doing anything that has any good impact on you.
  3. If it was a talent hunt i would have said it is okay, but for the past 4 editions, nothing good have come out of the so called Big Brother Naija rather than scandals. Hope you guys remember the last edition where someone tried to finger a lady while she was sleeping. I won’t want to mention the name here.
  4. There isn’t anyone who does not like humour I think. So , but there is no humour in this. Especially this edition. These people are just there to show how they can phoneticize all the words in their vocabs. There’s nothing good about it. You should really put your kids away from the channel before they learn some bad things that might come up in the show with time.
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In a country like Nigeria, Reality TV shows should become one of the latest trends to look out for stars. From singing competitions to quiz shows , we have a bunch of them.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against the program but I do not have the time or temperament to watch adults not doing such.

I love that it makes money for the producers, advertisers and I think the people that watch big brother naija are wasting time for just nothing.

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