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One of the main reasons people should be advertising their businesses is that customers are online: Between online research and social networking, almost 50% of all small businesses are online first. Freelancing requires that you reach out to your prospects on their social media handles and tell them about your services. The competition in today’s business world calls for an aggressive advertising using the social media.

If you are not marketing your business actively in any way then you are not getting the attention of your ideal customers or target market. Digital marketing allows your business to get attention from both from your ideal customers which are the people you target and the ones you do not target.

Marketing can be done in so many forms,

  • talking about the business or products you sell to people you meet online/offline
  • Creating brand awareness campaigns
  • giving information to your target market that puts you as an expert in your niche
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • listings your business in local directories such as yellow pages and google my business.
  • Paid advertising

But in short if you are doing nothing to market your business you will not have a business to make money from

Home businesses need customers. Sure, you can try to build a customer base, but if you really want to get the world attracted to your business fast, it’s hard to beat the power of advertising, that is why many companies put out more funds on advert placement to reduce competition.

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Reach out to prospective clients

In this era where everyone is on the social media engaging with people, businesses like yours needs to reach out to prospective customers through their social media handles. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc provide a strategy where your business can be online and seen by people seeking for your products or services.


Digital marketing provides a way for you to advertise your business to the world. Like I earlier put on if you are not advertising then you are not doing business. The digital world is where things are happening and you need to step up and let your business be advertised digitally through social media so your business can stand a taste of time without you closing down.

See what is trending in your line of business

While seeking to reach out to possible clients, digital marketing can make you see what your competitors are doing and ways they gather their customers which you can also use. Digital marketing lets you improve your business and be up to date with what the world wants.

Get Analytics

With digital marketing tools, you can be able to get the data concerning your business, example if your business has a website that is on Google search engine and you have a good SEO, you can always know the number of people that want your services from around the globe. Having this information will help you to know the areas to improve more.

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