Why you should let your kids choose what to study in school

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Some parents are not just ready to see their kids studying any course in the university apart from the courses that will get them meaningful jobs in the future. Wait! what if the child is not that brainy type that will get to school, study and graduate becoming what the parents always wanted.

Children are born with different abilities. Not all were born to be B.Sc, M.Sc or PhD holders. Some were just born with capabilities that when trained the right way they may turn out to be great men in future.

I believe that children should be monitored. As a parent, look closely at your child then you will get to know what your child is passionate about.

This post is not disputing the fact that a parent should have a hand in the child’s career, but it is to tell parents that a child’s passion should be let to manifest. Don’t just kill the vibe, instead help the child build up in the skills or things he has passion for.

Some students drop out of the university simply because they didn’t go for the course they always wanted. When this happens, you realize that all the tuition paid now look wasted because the child hasn’t completed the sole aim of being admitted into school.

All my life I always wanted to be a medical doctor, that was because mom had always said that medical doctors usually had jobs immediately they got outta Medical school. I actually got a degree in Geography and Regional Planning years after after realizing that if I was to continue staying at home I would have wasted more years doing nothing.

In my own case I studied Geography because I was tired of waiting at home. That was not what i wanted. I had passion for arts, graphics design was my thing, but I could not study it because i never had that thought of studying a course like that in school.

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If a child develops any skill in their early years, he should be allowed to study a course related to that so that the skill will be improved. Forget about the top careers, other careers do pay too.

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