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In recent times a lot of people are being faced with the challenge of losing weight so as to stay healthy and fit. Imagine that after struggling to go up the stairs of a 2 storey building you can’t resist the urge of breathing like an elephant. That can be so ridiculous and humiliating.
Apart from being humiliating, Studies have shown that obesity has caused a number of life threatening medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac arrest etc. It becomes very needful for anybody who is gaining too much of weight to engage in some healthy weight loss work-out routines.
Being overweight deprives your body the beauty it deserves. That pot belly can be transformed within weeks of weight loss workout routines and you will be surprised at how beautiful or handsome you can actually be. Before embarking on this weight loss journey, here are some tips to make your workout sessions results oriented.

Get Some workout kits.

You don’t dress for a work-out session looking like you want to want to attend a wedding. There are clothes, shoes and accessories designed for work-out sessions. Choose well cushioned sneakers that fits comfortably. Other useful kits include socks, sport gloves, skipping robes etc

Follow online weight loss workout routines by fitness experts.

In the absence of a real time work-out trainer, the Internet can be of help to many. There have been many weight loss success stories of which good number of them have been attributed to online weight loss work-out program.
YouTube is one of the best place to get these work-out routines in video formats. Some of this resources can be found in Web and pdf formats. you can also find many Weight loss work-out apps on Google Play store or any other app store.
Spice up your workout sessions with music to match your tempo.
When good music hits you it makes you feel alright. Music keeps you motivated when working out so it is very necessary to keep the music playing in the background. :::
Suggested play list for your work-out sessions :::
Power of Naija by 2baba
I got a feeling by black Eyed Pea
Till I collapse by Eminem
Bodak yellow by Cardi B.
OMG by Usher
Send down the rain by Majek Fashek

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Be consistent

Consistency play a major role in any weight loss routine you are engaged in. You don’t work out because you feel like doing so, rather it is because you want to achieve a certain goal. In this case losing weight is the goal. You may wake up to feel pains all over your body that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue your task. Take some pain relief pills and continue your work-out routine.
Be optimistic
You have been working out for a week now but when you stepped on that scale instead of reducing your weight is adding up. Don’t be discouraged, keep working out. Maybe there are some things you are not doing right. Seek help from an expert. You gain nothing by giving up.

Give your body some Rest

Overworking the body while undergoing any exercise is not advice. Because you want to lose weight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest. Workout experts suggests that while undergoing any work-out routine, the body should be given rest days to regain strength and repair muscle tissues. If you are working out on Monday and Tuesday, let Wednesday be your rest day. continue your routine on Thursday and Friday then let your weekend be your weekend be free.

Limit alcohol intake

For years now, alcohol consumption has been known to be a major cause of obesity. Alcohol more calories than carbs and protein. It also increases appetite and hinders fat burning. Alcohol also weakens the immune system thus making the body susceptible to diseases. You cannot work our when your body is not feeling fine.
Anyone who is engaged in any weight loss program should keep alcohol consumption at the barest minimum. Those bottles of beer you gulp down your stomach every weekend is slowing down your weight loss progress.

Maintain a low carb diet

This is where many people seem to be unproductive in their weight loss work-out program. Working out and maintaining your normal high carb diet can be a complete waste of time and resources. It is like burning fat and eating more of them back.
Foods that are high in carbohydrates such as sugar, highly processed food and refined grains should be avoided. Proteins, vegetables, Whole grains and healthy fats and oils are recommended.
You can as check up a reliable wet loss diet plan online. Reduce the quantity of the food you have been eating because packing all those mass into your body will only result to more calories consumption thereby thwarting your effort. Read on Ketogenic diet for weight loss

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Keep track of your progress.

Record everything right from the first day of your healthy weight loss work-out routine. Write down your total calories consumption for each day, I mean every single calories including the calories contained in that soft drink you drank at your friend’s place. Record your work-out progress.
Check your weight at least once a week and record the result. Check your body fat level with an expert because you may be burning fat and your weight does not reduce immediately. Lastly get in front of a mirror and take a mirror selfie each week and compare the results.

Hire a workout trainer.

If you are not making progress on your own, it may because you are doing it the wrong way and the simplest way to fix this is hiring an expert in the field. A Work-out trainer will guide you on how go about any task in a routine. A trainer also know how to keep track of your progress as well as managing your diet so you can attain that healthy weight loss.

Register at a gym.

Registering at a gym keeps you motivated because you get to meet different people working out to achieve a particular goal which is a healthy weight loss. When you see other people being serious you will definitely want to work hard unless you don’t value the money you paid for registration. One of the advantages of registering at gym is that you get to work with a professional trainer.

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