10 natural supplements for fertility treatment.

10 supplements for fertility treatment.

Vitamin B6

This important vitamin helps to control and promote healthy hormonal activity making provision to extend the luteal period, which is the time between ovulating and your menstrual cycle by producing progesterone and then turn out to help with egg development and improving the chances of conception.

Found in potatoes, fruit, fish and lentils. The EU nutrient source value is 1-2mg per day.

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Vitamin B9 Folic acid

Small levels of this vitamin are closely linked to birth defects, in particular spina bifida, which is a defect found in the spine. Folic acid will also supply normal maternal tissue growth and help with cell division procedures that will determine foetal development. B9 helps with conception since it improves the overall sperm count and boosts sperm motility.  The source dose is 400mcg daily.

Found in potatoes, fruit, fish and lentils.

Vitamin B12

Low levels of B12 may cause infertility and also play a role in multiple miscarriages. Oxidative stress is also one of the main reasons for a decreased male fertility through DNA damage, B12 provides a healthy production of sperm, motility and vitality. For women it can help stop irregular ovulation and provide a healthier cycle and balance of hormones. Egg health is also developed and can increase possibility of egg implantation.

Found in red meat, eggs, milk, cheese, fish, yeast extract, fortified soya milks, fortified veggie burgers.  If you have a vegan nutrition, it is recommended to take a B12 supplement, the optimal dose is 50 to 100mcg daily.


Selenium is an antioxidant that has a very important role to help protect our bodies from free radicals and preventing damage to the chromosome which can lead to difficulties in conception, birth defects or miscarraige. Male fertility can also benefit from selenium by improving the quality of sperm and production.

Found in Brazil nuts, sardines and tuna as well as green leafy vegetables – do be aware though, selenium content in European soils is at an all time low so food that are grown here may be lower in selenium than other places.  Read more about this here. 

The EU nutrient suggested value for Selenium is 55mcg per day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another antioxidant your body needs for good fertility. Also, this vitamin will help with sperm development, protect against oxidative stress and increase chances of implantation. For women vitamin C will look after ovulation and egg health by providing ascorbic acid, this is usually needed to help collagen synthesis in the ovaries for follicle growth.  The recommended optimal dose of vitamin C is between 500-1000mg daily.

Found in citrus fruits, berries, leafy greens and fruit juices.

Vitamin E

This is another very relevant supplements for fertility, it is an antioxidant to look after the cells from oxidative stress. Same as vitamin C this can give a healthier production of sperm with better motility and vitality to give more likelihood of implantation. For women, this vitamin can also provide a longer luteal period and improve probability of conception with better overall egg health.

The EU nutrient suggested value for vitamin E is 12mg / 18IU daily.

Found in nuts, seeds, kale and olive oil.


This useful mineral can help with normal fertility and reproduction by keeping a healthy balance in the hormonal levels, oestrogen and progesterone to provide good egg cell health. It is very important for men to make sure they have good levels of zinc as low levels may result in poor sperm quality, decreasing the chance of implantation.  The EU nutrient suggested value for zinc is 10mg daily.

Found in seafoods, pumpkin seeds and chick peas.


Women will especially require this mineral due to demand doubling during pregnancy, if iron levels are deficient it can cause miscarriages during pregnancy. Taking iron will help the woman with the formation of healthy red blood cells and provide an improved circulation to the reproductive areas.  The EU nutrient suggested value for iron is 14mg daily.

Found in pulses, organic eggs, meat, fish, and tofu.

Co-Enzyme Q10

This is the enzyme used for producing energy used in sport activities, it can also be used to produce energy at a mitochondrial level for egg health. Co-Enyzme Q10 is also helpful during embryo development and with the health of the mature egg from an older woman which requires a huge amount of energy. For men it usually help with sperm cell motility and overall health.  The suggested daily dose is between 50-150mgs

Found in sardines, broccoli, spinach and sesame seeds.


Arginine is known to be a key amino acid that helps to improve blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and genitals, this in turn provides more efficient function in the reproductive organs. The increased blood flow also helps to create an healthy ambience for the embryo implantation. The recommended daily dose is 1-2g.

Found in peanuts, turkey, pumpkin seeds and algae such as spirulina.

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