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Life is full of ups and downs goes the popular saying used when trying to explain that life is full of different things both pleasures and pains. It’s important that you read and know the life lessons you need to learn to succeed in life itself. I know you might have read this kind of article one or many times in your life before coming across this one but since life is a continuous process, you need to learn the ropes from different people.

Youngsters nowadays need to be guided on the steps they chose in life before maturity and before they become independent so as to avoid them becoming wild and falling off their planned goals. Youths seem to be influenced by their peers than their teachers and this calls for serious action like counselling in universities and colleges.

Life Lessons Every Young Person Should Learn Before 30

Never Be Scared To Take Chances

This is probably one of the most important life lessons a youth is supposed to learn before graduating from secondary school. A young person is not supposed to be afraid when trying to take a step forward. You will never get anywhere if you do not try to take calculated risks in all levels of your life. No one is telling you to jump out of a plane or jump into a river, but you know that you will need to do this when there is need for such risks.

Experience is the best teacher and you will have no experience of what life looks like if you are always in your comfort zone. You better start facing the real world and cope with what you see so you will be able to handle difficult situations by the time they come your way. This situations may be financial, health, education etc. You need to make some decisions for yourself without consulting your parents. This will make you the man /woman you want to become.

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Life Is Expensive

You may probably surviving by the allowances your parents give to you, but have you really thought of how you’d be surviving if your parents stopped giving you the money they give you?! You would be a real broke person. Yes! You know it.

By the time you start to pay for house rent, water bill, light bill, transportation fares and other utilities you will realize that life is EXPENSIVE.

Now is the time for you to start pursuing that your dream job, knowing too well that your parent will not be there for you all your life.

You need to start drafting your budget and minimize the way you spend money. This way you will be able to save your income when you start earning money of your own.

Learn How to Interact With People

This is usually a skill that is often tested during every job interview. You need this smart skill to interact with people in the global world. This skill can be achieved by always finding time to read books. Develop your vocabulary and relate with people of high IQ. If you cannot interact with people then you will not be able to communicate even as an entrepreneur. Always smile and greet people you meet, your saviour may just be a passerby or someone that needs your attention. Be good, gentle and humble when you are around people you don’t know. Do not let your peers influence you so much. In fact just cut down the number of friends you have if you want to succeed.

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A Skill Will Get You Farther Than a Certificate

What we recommend is that you learn as many skills as possible as long as you have the passion for it. Do not say “Why should I learn HTML when I am studying Microbiology?!” You will never know when your minor skill become a major skill needed at any time.

life lessons for young people

If you are really good with the computer, take up some tutorials online on different programs. The skills you acquire do not have to be educational, you could learn baking, tailoring, fashion designing, carpentry, shoe making, auto repairs etc.

With that you will get to choose between jobs that pay you well. Even a prospective employer will be glad with your versatile learning.

Start Saving Anything

Start saving now and you will be setting the foundation of your financial future. There is always a need to save at any time, even the tiniest bit of your income each month. Like we said Life is Expensive and the way to be prepared for it is by saving. Whether it is for a big purchase or small project, but let it be that you did not use up all your earnings.

You can invest your savings in real estates, buying of land or shares to a business that would grow into a big company.

You Are Going To Need Lots of Hardwork

You are now growing and in a stage of your life that your decisions will determine the kind of life you will be living. You are still energetic and life requires that you work hard to achieve your goals.

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You may be thinking that life will be easy after you graduate from the university, but that is not so, you need to work tirelessly because the jobs our parents had back then and were satisfied with the pay are no longer there. The ones that are there are hard to get and the pay is not enough. So you will need to get skills and do some private jobs even as a government employed person so that you can get the most out of life.

Success Takes Time

After reading and applying all these life lessons for young people, do not expect to become a millionaire overnight, or in a week or in a month. Success in life takes time to propagate. No matter the amount of hard work you put in, you also need to be persistent and patience and always pray for a better life.

life lessons

If you want to join the trend of the so called yahoo boys just to get rich quick, you may get yourself entangled with some illegal businesses which may get you arrested.

I am a geography graduate and a graphic designer. Passionate about sharing ideas and tips online.

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